Parts for a 20mph for 20miles board between $1500-2000? Thanks

  1. Budget and Location

My budget is currently between $1500-2000 USD and I am located in Los Angeles, California

  1. Aim

I am looking to build a board that can go 20mph and for 20 miles and go up decently steep hills.

I would appreciate recommended parts that will help me reach my goal thanks :slight_smile:


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A few factors to consider here. Weight will play a major role in distance, as well the number of small hills and steep hills.

Do you care how much you slow down on steep hills? Most boards that are geared to 20 mph will slow down to 10 mph or maybe even less on steeper hills. It depends on torque.

My build for that price would be…

  • carvon dual v2.5 (~$400)
  • dual vescs (~$360 with warranty)
  • And a massive 12s6p18650 battery (48 cells @ $5 = $240, if @ $8, $384)
  • Power switch (~$35 if you get from JDogAwesome)

And whatever board you want and an enclosure (many different people make them and since it’s not a mving part, I don’t think theres too much of a difference that you will any effect on your board. These should be together $200 or less.

So that’s $1235 - $1379 for an entire board that will get you faster than 20 mph and more than 20 miles of range. The 12s6p is a must IMO if you want the range.

Also, a charger and bms would be another $100-$200, which is a must. Others can tell you what ones are good.

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I am 6’2" and weigh 150lbs most likely it would be one big hill and the a super huge downhill I would like to be able to break and reverse on a hill regen would be nice too.

FINALLY! a realistic budget.

If you need a custom battery solution, I can help you

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Vescs are highly recommend. They are the best speed controller and they have regen. The only speed controller btw that was made specifically of electric skateboards.

Since your not afraid to spend money, you have the luxury of getting some really nice parts in that price range.

Right, that’s what I was going to say. You can build a really nice board with that budget.

Thanks I am also talking to some guy from atm about parts

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I dont think you need a battery THAT big though bro. 12s4p would do it

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For sure I am not sure what I will need but I want something slim is that realistic or not?

I think you want a bigger battery than the range you need cause sag will be some slight amount, and its better to not full charge and discharge. And if you have the money, go for it…

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They told me I could slide by with a 10S4P cause it gets more mah than the 12S3P

Very realistic! only about 20 mm thick!

And how much would it cost?

What do you need? 10s4p? with bms and charger?

Sorry you lost me at bms but yeah also a charger.

hmm if its not ‘custom’ then the space cell would be your best option, I cant beat the pricing.

If you need a custom setup then im your guy

what part of LA are you in? I really doubt you’ll want to ride 20 miles…

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I live near Pasadena

Oh, I’ve been riding through pasadena/south pas all month, working at pcc, nothing has stopped me yet.

with that budget and this forum, it should be no problem.