Parts for a 20mph for 20miles board between $1500-2000? Thanks

Have you rode in the Rose Bowl area? It’s quite nice if there wasn’t that many people learning how to drive out there! Nice people all around there.

All good directions here, I would just add to double check if you really need 20 mile range. If you do, or close to that, then agree with @evoheyax you will need mah. Not sure 6p is necessary, but 4p ballpark, and 10s or 12s voltage for speed requirements. There’s a lot more to it than that, but one simple way I like to think about it…and if you are in the 10S+ and/or 4P+ ballpark you need to talk with @barajabali about a plug&play 18650 cell battery pack.

Dexter at DIY @torqueboards is great to help you think about options and I have bought many parts from him and @chaka at ollinboards another good source as well as @oriol360 at Miami electric so check their shops as well.

Of course the other option would be to just commission @longhairedboy to spec and build out a complete board for you that would be simple awesome.

Welcome, good luck and have fun!!


I would only reccommend commissioning one of my builds if you like to shit your pants from pure ecstasy. That why every one of my boards now comes with a free pair of underpants.

I may or may not have some beer in me.


Feast your eyes on for inspiration or complete solutions that your first build will never be as good as.

Basically what you need is a dual drive configuration. Vesc motor controllers 190 kv 6355 motors 15-16 tooth motor pulleys and 36 tooth wheel pulleys 90 mm wheels a 10s battery with capacity of apx 9000 to 10000 mah This setup would give you 25 mph with a 20 mile range easily.

Check my build “cosmic dust” i get 18 miles range and 30 mph on gps and i weight 210 and can conquer some decent hill on my way to work all with a single 6374 149kv sk3 motor, an ollin vesc (i wouldn use a different vesc) and 12s 8000mAh

Sadly no I had my boosted for about 1 month and sold it I rode in Ohai and rode about 10 miles then had to charge it was awesome.

Nice yeah I hope to get a nice looking and performing board for this budget

Like others have said - nice to see a reasonable (if not a bit luxurious) budget for a change!

I would seriously figure out what type of ride you want. Get the deck and then build around it. Such a personal thing. I’m on a kicktail kick currently and love the functionality. And deep drop decks (a challenge w/ esk8/batteries/motors).

I’d read up on some setups you like and the best form of flattery… Being 6’2" - you’ll probably want a bit longer deck for leg room (unless you skate a lot already and like short boards). I like decks around 36-40" typically (6’8" myself, but way past 150lbs!). You can afford dual motors so that’s a no brainer - not that it’s really needed at 150lbs…

I would probably do a dual 170kv 63mm setup, or dual Ollin’s (50mm and better ground clearance) - geared around 14/36 or 14/40 on 10/12s. Wheels will depend on where you ride and how beat up the roads are. Minimum of 83mm, maybe 90’s or 97mm’s (my fav). Big wheels need a lot of room so a cutout deck like Vanguard (or similar shape) or one of the symmetrical DH boards. Rayne, Landyachtz, etc.

You got the $ - get a nice 18650 setup - nice and thin!

Look forward to seeing this build! GL!!

Why did you sell it - range?? (my gripe). I absolutely love the dual+ great ride and it’s critical flaw is crap range. Polished setup otherwise.

Do you like flexy decks like the vanguard then? Or stiffer setups? Might help steer you towards a suggested deck or style. Flexy is doable, but you’ll need to make some alterations to the setup (batteries and ESC’s separated so the middle can flex). Checkout OKP and Whitepony’s vanguard builds - works of art.

If you got 2000$ to spend, let @longhairedboy make one for you, good quality and service!

i like flexy setups too. I’m in the process of developing a couple of vac forms for twin boxes that can use my seven ply decks which are lighter and flexier. I’ve been riding around on a 7ply with split FG boxes for a while now. I like it a little better than the stiffer ride of the 9ply monolithic boxes, but you don’t have the extra room for adding your own gadgetry later on which is a downside. My plan is to offer both for the same price when i get the boxes ironed out.

i was able to get about 350 watt hours in there via 6S2P 16000mah lipo pack that i repacked into a two-pile config. I may be able to cram a 12S4P 18650 pack in there if i play with the dimensions a little and with VESCs instead of Favourites i can get that rear box much, much smaller, but i may have to cram the BMS in there and lengthen the balance leads which will take a little more channeling. Right now i just have a black cable manager tube going between the two.

@caustin has a point with the @longhairedboy recommendation, I thought about doing my own carvon build but just said screw it and let him handle all of that. He knows how to put the hardware together, and you don’t have to worry about wiring and enclosures… the wiring channels are in the board and he will supply you with an enclosure. I think it made my life a lot less stressful just having him build it versus doing it all myself. If you like tinkering with things, you can open it up and put it back together if you want.

If you want to see a sick build… as soon as @LEVer is finished with his 116 kv V3s (which hopefully all is going well with), I’m commissioning lhb for a dual carvon build with either 90mm or 97mm original flywheels, and a 12s4p pack… it will get to me to some nice top speed numbers on flats and will probably have more range than my legs can handle. And I’m pretty sure the top speed numbers will be at your 20 mph mark…or more like double that lol.

Since you’ve got a 2000ish budget you’ve really got a lot of options to get the best board out there probably. And for that amount you can get a board that exceeds your listed specs.

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Oh I just saw you want to go up steep hills, avoid hub motors then. Stick with belt drive. Check out the new ollinboard complete board for $1800…at your budget, and will do everything you need. If you want to build your own, then you have so many options…

Yeah possibly I will see pming you right now

Welcome. I’m in the southbay myself. If you don’t really care about building it yourself, Ollin’s prebuilt or @longhairedboy prebuilts would be good options. If you’d like to build it yourself without a lot of complications, I’d probably go with Enertion’s space cell pro4 and mono r-spec pro+ combo. I recently built this exact combo and it will do 25+mph with about 20 mile range. Throw in a Vesc, board, remote, and misc hardware…probably in the $1300-$1500 range. Be warned, Enertion’s customer service sucks right now. I actually much prefer dealing with @torqueboards http://, but Enertion really have their kits dialed in and everything goes together pretty easily. Pics of my build.


Very Nice build

Also if I am ever in the area can I stop by and take a look at your board? thanks

Absolutely. You can take it for a ride and see what you think. My son is about your size and it gets him up and down the hills with no problem. I also have a dual raptor, so you can compare it to a dual motor set up.

I wanted to 2nd what @Adam0311 said, enertion’s kits work together well. Their motor mounts are really nice, easy to work with and adjusting alignment/belt tension is a piece of cake. Plus enertion has tons of videos and tutorials if you need. Everything is essentially plug and play, but they are understaffed and likely have more business than they can handle… thus their customer service suffers. If you want to build one yourself, torqueboards from DIY has a much better reputation for customer service around here. You can message him and he will guide you through your build.

If I was in your shoes, I’d probably get the ollin board. LHB has nice customs, but that integrated deck that ollin has is just killer. My personal collection will be complete after I get a hub motor build from LHB, and a belt drive from ollin.

Have u seen the new ollin board? With that budget u could get that and with the money left u could work on a 2nd build