Parts for a complete board [EU or international shipping]


I am new to this world but I am very familiar with RC cars and skateboarding and I have decided to build my own board. After reading a looooot (thank you all for all the info in this forum) the main idea is to get started with a single motor setup and here are the parts I was going to buy new:

Sk3 63mms 192kv Vesc Caliber trucks with motor mounts and pulleys Abec/kegel like wheels (to fit the pulley) Gt2b remote 10s3p ion battery or 2*5s lipos

Some of these parts are easier to find in USA so I thought it was a good idea to ask for the material here as there are many active people OK Europe and I can build my board cheaper and waiting less.

Even though I selected that material I am open to any option so please don’t hesitate to make an offer!

Good choice on motor, esc, trucks, wheels, and remote.

For the battery, go with Li-ion cells if you’re going to be using the board for a while/or have money, go with LiPos if it’s only for a few months/do not have ton of cash to spend.

Thank you!! What range and speed I am looking at with this setup??

Use this calculator for speed. Depends on your gearing. For a 16/36 setup with 83mm wheels, top speed is 22MPH.

Range depends on your battery choice. So say for 5000mAh at 10S series would be around 5 miles. There are still a bunch of other factors to consider (weight of rider, hills, road, settings, etc).

Rule of thumb with urethane wheels: 10Wh/KM