Parts for sale / 12s3p EPOWER TB Battery with Fast Charger! / TB Carbon Fiber deck $280

Used parts for sale: Always Negotiable

Everything was only used once as a complete board, everything works flawlessly, almost new condition

Shipping is free.

2x - Enertion caliber clones

1x - 12s3p 333wh TB EPOWER Pack with fast charger $350

4x - 83mm Enertion PowerWheels $25 for set

1x - TB Carbon Fiber Deck $300

Some pictures would be nice

Prices and pics

If you’re going to sell we need prices, condition and preferably some pictures!

Picks and price bro😎

My bad thought I posted pics, I’ll edit it

How much are the batteries

would you be willing to split up the motor mounts and pulleys/drive kits? I only need a 1 of each, if not no problem!

what size are the belts and what size is the deck ? Also put me down for one of the FOCBOX’s please.

And I’ll take the other FOCBOX

Deck Size – 33.25″ x 9.5″ Built-in Enclosure – 600mm L x 170mm W x 28mm H

265-55T 12mm

Pm me if you can

sent pm a little while ago just want to make sure you got it and if we are all good. If so tell me how to get payment to you. Thanks.

How much for the pulleys, 1 belt, and the wheels?

pulleys are gone, still have 1 belt and wheels though

how much for just the wheels then? pm me about it.

25 for the set

Board $285 / battery with fast charger 340

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Sent a pm

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