Parts for sale - Australia

I left my battery on and drained it completely rendering it useless. Don’t have the time or motivation to source a battery when I don’t ride very much so am looking to sell up and cut my losses.

Feel free to make me an offer in a private message on any remaining parts.

I will post at buyers expense and happy to negotiate prices if you want multiple parts. All of it is barely used, would be about a year old but wouldn’t have done more than 50-100km.


Can I call dips on one of the focboxes untill I hear back about a potential repair? I’ll likely find out tomorrow !

Can you send pics of remote and what size belts do you have

255, 265 and 320

Pic coming

K that’s fine I need a 460 belt

Nah will leave it then

Shit! The deck sold already?! What a shame

Foc boxes are in working order?

Yep both in working order

Still have focboxes for sale after a sale fell through.

Make me an offer…

PMd 10char