PARTS FOR SALE | US eSk8 Market [Wii Kama!]

As the US eSk8 Market grows I wanted to have 1 topic for all of the parts listed, instead of creating a separate topic for each item for sale. That said I want to run this like the ‘No words just pictures’ thread. Only the sellers post , and if you have a question use pm or the product inquiry feature on the website. I am trying to promote the website with out spamming the forums and I thought this would be the best way. (I hope you agree)

Thanks for using the eSk8 Market!

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I posted some belts in the US market place. They are 5M- 255mm/265mm length with widths 9mm, 15mm, and 25mm. I’m just gauging interest atm, all orders are pre-orders. If you buy more than 10 belts i will give you free shipping (to U.S), If for any reason i am unable to get your order out within 1.5 weeks of your order date, your order will be free.

Orders >15 belts will receive a discount from the posted price, pm for details.

I posted GT2B Electric Skateboard Controller Enclosure as well.


Forgot to mention the best mod ever made for the gt2b

@barajabali posted some products:

High Voltage On / Off switch

Good up to 14s Price: $48 Link:

5-12s 120a ESC

Ultra reliable, burst up to 180a Price: $125 Link:

Programming Card for 5-12s esc

Allows you to configure your ESC Price: $10 Link:

5-12s 5v UBEC

Step down voltage to power receiver Price: $25 Link:

15"x5.5"x1.5" (LWH) ABS Enclosure

1/8’ Vaccum Formed Price $35 Link:

Thanks again @barajabali for listing on the eSk8 Market


I have got some Wii Kama nunchicks that I am not using. One black and one white. $15 a piece. I also have one dongle / receiver. I am not sure if it works, but am 99% sure that it does. My wiiceiver took a crap so I have no way to test it. I would like to get $10 for it and if it dosnt work I will refund you.

You can buy the Kama’s here:

More pictures on the eSk8 Market.

Just realized there was a problem with the system. I have updated it and now everything should work. I have reduced the price to $10 per Kama.