Parts for sale!

I have a slightly used focbox unity, used psychotiller six shooters with extra full set of tires (only 3 extra tubes though), a BEAUTIFUL HAYA deck, new 10s bestech d140, new TB 218s, and motors plus motor mounts from dickyho, also a bluetooth module from BKB

. I’m cleaning out because I dont really ride much anymore sadly, I only see myself using my AT. Make me some offers, not looking to price gouge seeing how I’m looking to off this stuff. The haya has neoprene laid into the enclosure but the board has never been ridden.

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Location? 10potters

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My bad, I’m located in hillsboro Or, 97123

How much for 6 shooters and shipping to UK

Also are motors for sale

Can you ship focbox to Australia? And for how much?

You need to put the price… I’ll take 50$ for everything then


How much for the trucks and 6 shooters

I need those tires and tubes. I’m in Portland dude.

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How much for the Bluetooth module? Metr pro?

It’s not a Metr Pro unfortunately

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I can check the shipping, looking for $200 for the unity obo

is that in euros?

Us dollars

I’ll take the Unity for $200 then.

How much for the haya and six shooters

Is the unity still available?

If the unity is there then I’m interested in it

@SeanHacker I got dibs on the 6 shooters if price for shipping is reasonable

Your not getting shit bud, I commented and pm’d a day ago


How much for the motor mounts?