Parts Galore! Motors, ESC's, Pulleys, Motor Mount Kits, Kegels, Benchwheel Remote, BMS's, Cusom Battery Pack

The price on the left is what I paid the price on the right is what you pay.

$199.74 - 6S4P Custom Built Battery Pack by @barajabali (24X LG HE2) - SOLD $129.33 - 2X Turnigy SK3 6355 Brushless Motors - SOLD $233.98 - 2X Single Bolt On Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit from @torqueboards - SOLD $250.00 - 2X TB 120A 12S Opto ESC (Including UBEC) - SOLD $15.00 - FVT Programming Card - SOLD $14.83 - Custom Made Vacuum Formed Enclosure - SOLD (Includes LCD Battery Meter/Loop Key (Anti-Spark)/Charge Port/Wiring Harness/LCD Button) $68.00 - Benchwheel Remote - SOLD $51.67 - Imax B6AC V2 Charger - $35 $60.00 - Orangatang Kegels - SOLD $43.20 - Battery Supports 45A 6S BMS - SOLD $52.95 - Caliber II Trucks - SOLD $24.01 - Bronson Speed Co G3 Bearings - SOLD $46.20 – 60A 6S BMS - SOLD $29.58 – FlySky FS-GT2B - $25 $12.00 – 90A Venom Bushings - SOLD $8.64 – Skate Tool - Will throw in for $5 on any order $28.43 - Turnigy 2-in-1 - SOLD $13.43 - Soldering Jig - $10 add-on to order

Prices do not include shipping.

At a minimum I will take the enclosure if you can send it pm me the dimensions please.

I too am interested in the enclosure.

will take battery for sure, a motor, and 60a bms

What’s the situation with the enclosure? What can it hold? In terms of VESCS and batteries

Got any pics of the solder jig? I am also interested in the B6.

@JLabs I think it is the third pic from the bottom.

where are you based ?? State side I’m guessing

Charlotte, NC

Inner Dimensions are 17.5" x 6"

All inquiries PM’d

List updated with items that are sold.

Bump lots of stuff still for sale

I’ll take the turnigy 2 in 1.

What’s your Paypal?


List updated to reflect items that have been sold.

Still lots of stuff for sale guys

and what´s the inner height?

PM sent

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Baxter I didn’t get a pm from you. Inner height is 1".