"Pass the remote" Campaign

“Pass the remote” was a thing that @Michaelinvegas started to get the beta Nano-X remote to various esk8ers around the US and potentially world, and I was supposed to pass it to @evoheyax, but it never went through. This is a beta unit of the remote, but I’d still like to see it make it’s way around the world with the various participants signing their name on the remote. If @evoheyax still wants it, I’ll be glad to pass it off to him, but if not I’ll be taking names of US based esk8ers to pass this off to.

Go ahead and fill out the form here if you’re interested. I’ll prioritize US based folks first to keep shipping low and perhaps include international participants later.

Keep in mind if you are participating you will have to cover shipping costs to the next participant (roughly $7-8 domestic, $10-30 intertional). To keep this reliable, please only sign up if you have a trust rating of level 2 “Member”. I’ll be sorting and vetting accounts in the list myself.

Current participant list:

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Lol you still have it? Lol

Yea it’s been in my tool box for months. I was supposed to give it to Luke but he didn’t respond and i forgot about it until recently.

Hahah. Hilarious

Hey sorry.?ill still take it and pass it on! Just got 4x carvon v2s the other day… :slight_smile: