Passing the hat one more time for BigBoysToys Wanted to share this post from Derek’s FB page. I think it really shows the character this guy had. Also wanted to thank @okp for doing this. I believe @psychotiller said he would make sure these funds we give get to Derek’s family. Have to say it was a wonderful service and Derek has a beautiful family.


i didnt have the chance to learn anything about esk8 from Derek, but part of his life lives on here. Reading this makes me think he had no fear of things like failure or even death. may your feet always touch the soft grasses of vrindavindam and may you walk in krsna’s light. harbol soul!

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This is sad as hell. Live life while you can. :pray:

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Luckily, we will always learn something for Derek even in death. I was researching last week and found some of his old posts insightful.

Everyone, please contribute, it’s pretty simple and there’s no need to create an account, just pay via Paypal. Even if it’s a few bucks to show the family how much he meant to this large global community.


Seriously, if you can afford it…donate. I did, I would hope you guys would do the same for me.

Respect to Derek and his family. We will remember.