Pc cant detect vesc (just blue LED)

Hey after i set up my neew vesc in the bldc tool( i switched 1 time from bldc to foc to bldc)it worked fine. after disconnecting the vesc from the pc.The vesc will not turn on. there is just 1 Blue LED on(not blinking). Its a Enertion vesc 2.18). I also checked the microcontroller but i cant see any dmg.

Sry for my english ^^

Just to get a better understanding… How do you know it is not turning on ?

because my pc didnt detect it and there is just the blue LED on and not also the green LED

Someone else had this problem and solved it by reloading firmware - search ‘blue led on’(sorry I don’t know how to link post) Hope that helps

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I had same problem…try using different battery and mini USB connector, if it doesnt solve that then you might have to upload the firmware…