Pegs like a bicycle

Do you think it’s possible to have pegs on an esk8 for the occasional low range passenger to jump on?

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Its probably very hard to control a board in tandem, if theyre an experienced rider straights should be ok, but turning would prove difficult…

You can always tow them :smiley:

Are you drunk?


I wish. Been sober for 7 days. I just think it’d be dope if the homie needed a quick lift and jumped on my rear trucks somehow. Dat negativity doh. I don’t think my post deserves your response. It’s a sincere thought.

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Sounds like broken nuts, broken hanger axles, broken legs, broken faces, broken nuts…


It’d have to be a hella strong truck but just thinking about it, I think it’s doable

The load to the drive-train would be dramatic. You would need some space-grade trucks for sure…

Motors and hardware aside. Control is gonna be a joke. Especially at any kinda speed

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The passenger.


Or at least adding a considerable amount of amperage to the motors to get you going, even if Its a dual setup :thinking:

Just whip these bad boys out, ok.

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You don’t think it’d be like a motorcycle? Yes it’s harder with a passenger but as long as they don’t lean like a cholo, it’s all good! :stuck_out_tongue:

You do realize that the passenger won’t be able to steer by leaning. He will just do melbourne shuffle, rip the trucks out from the deck by doing that mad twist and there you fly. :smiley:

I think Ima try it with a push setup on a slight decline and see how it goes :blush:

Not to mention thats like 300-400 lbs on a board… dont think your battery will like you very much

No way its going to be like a motorcycle. Motorcycles work on counter steering, skateboards do not.

But go ahead and do it for science. Just make sure to wear a helmet, and a protective bubble for whoever is going to be the passenger. And then have the tools ready to just take them off.

I utterly lost my shit to that one hahaha

I was thinking more like 100lb chicks. :smiley: and for short distances only!

hog wash…


I’ve never done it before, but I’m sure it would be easier when one riders mass is multiple times the others…