Penny board | Mono rspec+ | 2 x 4s Series 5000mah lipo | Caliber | 90mm Black & White wheels

Hi there, I’m bulding my “first” E-Skate and it’s a fast penny.

Here you have pictures of the Vesc enclosure (made by an abs car compartment) modified with Dremel (love this tool, really helpful to dye E-Skates)



And today I modified the deck to let the motor cables fit perfectly under the rear truck (avoiding cables damages, I’ve burned a Vesc because of the motor wires touched the motor :persevere:)


there were a few people here discussing if it was possible to turn a penny board to into an E-board. @longhairedboy might be trying to do it also.

I have already done a ride with this penny but I burned a Vesc in the worst way ever ( cables under the Motors touched the motor and burned Vesc)

I was riding at 40kmh like a Crazy, and was awesome hahah!

So it’s possibile and soooo funny, I can confirm it. @Photorph

@longhairedboy I’ve seen a lot of your projects and the idea of putting cables under the trucks is not so bad :smiley:

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I think electrifying a penny should result in some kind of level up or something. Its kind of a right of passage in a way. I can’t wait to see what i can do with the one being sent to me soon.


You can go faster and it’s really deft. I like it!

But with penny I recomend to wear 2 helmets :joy:

Funny Idea :slight_smile: I would be scared taking away material from down there because it´s yet so bendy as it is :smiley: could you post a pic if you have everything mounted? I´d specially like to see your batterys on that small deck! :monkey:

might even need three!

Pennies are so small i may need to wear a roller skate on the foot i’m not standing on the board with.



Maybe is better to tighten the trucks too!

@TarzanHBK the deck on that place has a thikness of 1" so I didn’t care of it. The deck is soo bendy yeaaaah :smiley:

Batteries fit good!! I will post pictures asap

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My Penny is almost ready to go, “only” need Vesc (I’ve ordered an Esc until my Vesc will be delivered from Enertion)

I also have to get 2x4s in parallel and not in series because of the Xerun xr8 plus that will support 6s max.

Tomorrow I will test this board :heart_eyes: (36t pulley is made by my own with a drill Press and a lot of patience and mistakes but seems to be solid and well done :blush:)


Looks cool and will be great for short commutes and most of all fun. I have a small board thati built but i put the motor in the front because it liked to wheelie so much

Niceeee :smiley: this penny wheelie too but not so much if I get ready when acelerate

@fottaz How much do you weigh? I really like the simplicity of this build! This is the 22"or 27" penny board? What size trucks are you using?

Thanks @mikey My weight is 64kg! The board is 27" and trucks are caliber 50° 7"

Did you ever get this board done in the end? Would love to see some photos/see how it went :slight_smile:

Yep! It was my first build but Im writing from my phone and I don’t have pics of the penny anymore. I will upload them from computer asap :+1:

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Hey, here some pics of the penny :smiley:

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