Penny Long / duel diag. 190kv 6364 motors / Psycho 60 mount / 10s / VESC / gt2b

Hey guys, doing my first build. I wanted some feedback, and I have a few questions. I’d appreciate the help. I have a penny longboard I’m looking to upgrade, and I’m a pretty big dude. Here’s what I’m thinking:


2x Motors (dual DIAG. drive config) HK sk3 6364 190kv -I’m gonna use the dremel to make flat spots for the grub screw


2x Batteries 5S 5000mah Turnigy

Other stuff -Pulleys from enertion, Belts from Vbelt supply because of Psycho mounts. I also replaced the stock trucks and wheels to allow me to use the mounts and pulleys. I will also be using a gt2b remote because of reliability planning on changing enclosure later on to mad munkey by FLATLINEcustoms)

Im doing a similarly small 20" build, only thing i can recommend with my experience is to drill new holes for your trucks and move them as close to the edge as you can to make room for more powerful components, should you need them. Im currently able to squeeze 3 4s batteries and a 63mm motor between my wheels, moment of truth with be when the vesc arrives

I have 2 of Diy’s 6355 motors with dual voltage option of 12s or 6s I’m 190 lbs and I can climb hills with either voltage although 12s does it with a lot more authority and speed. I mainly have the 6s option for cruising crowded boardwalks. Top speed with 6s and these motors and 14/36 gears is about 15mph on flat ground. Top speed with 12s is about 25mph Note: if your going to run lower voltage like 6s, definitely go with the higher KV motors. The higher the KV the higher top speed.

sorry, I forgot to specify. It’s a 36" board. The panney longboard isn’t the most well known penny, but I really like the deck.

Thanks for the advice, I think I might have to go up to 12s then. I’m 250 lbs+. Looks like imma need a different esc too.

Looks awesome! 36 inches is plenty of space to work with. I would just make sure you have enough ground clearance with those wheels, you can get some cheap 90mm flywheel clones for like, $30 or less on ebay, plus my local skate shop sold me half inch risers for $4. Im sure the penny isnt very flexible, but the more clearance the better. I have 90mm wheels and half inch risers and personally love the ride height and the sorta goofy look. Certainly not as sexy as a lower ride, but i love it

Diy also sells a 12s Esc that is very dependable and high performance Many builders on this forum use the Vesc but they are more complicated and easily burned up so I would recomend Diy’s 12s opto Esc for first time builder.

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I dont think you’re going to be able to mount the motors on that short of a hangar. You may need new trucks.

jinra is right, don’t buy a complete board. You will only be able to use the deck. Buy everything separately.

And note that with the new enertion pulleys, you need to modify your trucks. And also where you get your pulleys depends on what wheels you’re using.

I’m gonna buy some cheap 83mm wheels with spokes in them so I don’t struggle too much. I’m more concerned with getting the electronics up and running, I think I have a decent grasp on how to get it to work. I just really want to avoid buying a component that I can’t use.

Is this it? product/torqueboards-12s-120a-car-esc-opto-hv/ It seems a little pricy. I know it’s probably because it’s a car esc, but for dual it would be even more cash

That’s it. It is a little pricey but it’s very durable and with proper settings, it works very well. For high voltage setup, this or Vesc are the main options.

Like already mentioned you will need different trucks and a drive system. Pulleys, mounts, and belts .You could also consider going with a package deal from . He’s got dual drive packages and complete kits that you might want to look at. If you are in the US. I’d hit him up and see if he can’t get you set up. A lot of the time you can get him on live chat on his website.

Thanks a bunch for the tip, but i just bought caliber trucks and wheels with spokes to work with enertions stuff for $45. I found one of the kits you mentioned for dual drive, buying the parts seperately came out about $50 cheaper. I think for my next build Im gonna buy a kit though because it’s a lot of research. :slight_smile:

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Caliber trucks =/= enertion trucks, the pulleys of your wheel won’t fit on the caliber truck unless you take some material off the truck ! Just a heads up

Thanks for the tip. I remembered seeing something like that on enertion website. I’d probably have to shave off part of the truck to expose more axle, right? If so, I think I can handle that

you’ll sacrifice the structural integrity of the axle, making it wayyy more susceptible to bending and warping. for $12 you can get one of these though I don’t think the ABS plastic will last too long. I’d buy one of these to tie you over till you find a better solution that doesn’t involve destructively screwing with your trucks. Knowing how progressive enertion is and how hungry they are to be at the forefront of the diy market, I wouldn’t be surprised to see his injection modeled pulley come in a washer/bolt configuration by the end of the year to meet both the demand for quality and longevity. Check on thingverse for abec pulley stl files and check around for local printing shops, there are several models just like enertions except with screws and no bearing, and is where I think miami eboards got their design. I’m trying to find someone to print one for me in nylon till I find an aluminum one with the right gearing/price.

Dude that is total BS. just because you remove like 1cm from the axle you will not make it “wayyy more susceptible to bending”. Just because you hold a grudge against enertion stop from giving false information to people. @ed713 don’t believe him - the enertion pulley is well tested and a lot of people use it.

I’m not the first person on this forum to say this.