Penny X Landwheel / pre-release 32” Penny Cruiser (Glow) / new Landwheel L3-X v5

The Penny deck feels as light and stiff as carbon fibre without the radio interference:

New 32” Penny Australia Cruiser New Landwheel L3-X v5 Wrench

My best is Kaly.NYC; My next is LHB; My joy is Penny X Landwheel (´∀`):heart:

Happy to answer any questions. Thanks!

*bc I was asked to post this: I am not affiliated with Penny Australia, Landwheel, Greyp, Rimac, etc. or any company in the motorsports business. Thank you.


Hey there! Pretty cool setup you got there. I got the new Landwheel as well and I am loving it so far! The only thing that I would have to complain about is the slapping sound when I go over bumps. Does it tend to slap against the penny on rough ground?

Another question, as it is hard to tell here in this shot, do you have wheel bite issues with the 90mm wheels?

I’m thinking of throwing this landwheel setup on a cruiser or something with a kick tail as more of a commuter, since my other board is a 41" beast

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I’m using mine on a Jet Spud. Pretty good with that deck. I had it on a penny longboards and definitely know that annoying slapping sound. Adding one of those thick felt furniture feet pads helped


Board looks great but where in the hell did you get Greyp bike?! Is that yours?

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Well thank you, indeed I do :smiley:

I am from Croatia and when I first saw concept of the Greyp bike I was astonished :smiley: I even think that it was the reason I started to study electronic transportation vehicles. Hopefully after my eboard is finished I will start with the ebike build (or start saving for Greyp :smiley: ) .

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How did you get your hands on a Pre-Release? Might wanna get one just as a skateboard

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Thanks! I reached out to Penny. They said it will be available retail in February. Pretty excited

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Hey! Thanks for the highly detailed answer! I learned some things. I will look into this deck, seems like a good option. Never heard of that Sorbothane stuff. Sounds cool and looks like a great option to help with that.


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First time commenting in this forum, ever; can’t help but ask; how is your Landwheel treating you so far in terms of quality? I have a Nickel skateboard, and skateboard with my dog on a daily basis (so no 20 mph, more like, 8 at best). Thank you for sharing your build, I’m just hesitant over Landwheel since there weren’t that many reviews on them.

Thinking I’ll get it and install it on the Nickel temporarily, and upgrade to a 121c Orbiter in the future (I want to carry it for lunch time work leisure on fridays :slight_smile:)

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There’s been a few reports of the drive literally falling apart so keep that in mind. Solution seems rather simple and I just did it today. You’ll have to pull back the rubber backing (Start from the battery end and stop pulling when you count 7 screws) and swap the 7 black screws with slightly longer ones.


Ah, thank you, will definitely change the screws. Still waiting for my bonus before I go for the purchase. I live in Singapore, so I guess I’ll have to order it from Alibaba…

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I replaced the screws on my unit with the replacement ones they sent me. today I was sent flying into the middle of a busy road because the drive unit split almost exactly like in the pictures you posted… I believe this was because of a compound I used while screwing in the new, longer screws. some adhesives can damage plastic and cause it to break very easily. this might be what happened to me. if you have already replaced the screws on your unit or are planning to and have used any kind of compound, don’t ride the board and ask for a new enclosure. riding the board if it was fixed using an adhesive can compromise the safety of the unit. hope this helps!

ouch, post pictures. I didn’t use their screw, just the ones I posted above which has slightly wider threads I think. What kind of condition do you ride in?

@KaramQ look up few posts. That’s where I mentioned the longer screws. But that doesn’t help if the plastic housing is the old one since it’s too brittle to begin with. If you contact Simon you can ask him for a new housing. He sent that to us

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Thanks for the advice, will do

Hi there! Did you put 90mm wheels on that deck with just a 0.25 riser? How tight are your trucks? No wheelbite in the end? I’m interested in this deck for a non electric all ground board, but there aren’t many real reviews around. I plan on putting 70mm wheels with loose trucks under it. Think that’s possibile?

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First of all, thanks for the welcome and the fast reply. Damn, I didn’t think about those being rkp trucks. Those are at least half an inch higher than indies. I don’t plan on going bigger than 70mm tough, and maximal lean without wheelbite is what matters most to me. Do you think that’s achievable thanks to the shape of the deck? Without risers I mean