People hatin' cuz I'm skatin' - people reacting to esk8ers

Salutations riders!

Wow! got a fairly strong reaction from a person today that I never had before.

Here’s the scenario: I put my board on the ground after carrying it through a no-skating zone and started to ride up a ramp very slowly and keep a respectful speed at almost walking speed. Suddenly a woman decided to bark at me " a so a fauler hund!" which is german for " what a lazy dog!". I did’nt realise that the lady was actually adressing me. It was only after 3 seconds I realised that she was barking at me and passed here already and so I did’nt bother to confront her and waste my time.

Ok - so here’s the hilarious part. The “lady” was overweight and was already breaking a sweat while walking down the very ramp I was riding up . Now please don’t get me wrong here - I’ve nothing against people that are fat, so I’m not hating on them in general and it’s certainly not why I’m talking about it. I found the envy that manifested in that person accusing me of laziness that did’nt bother to look in her own mirror first irritating the moment I had realised I was her target. But after I thought about it I found the irony rather amusing.

I get it though…I understand where the hate was coming from. There she was struggling, lugging her own weight around in the heat all sweaty, suffering…and all then comes a guy on an esk8 moving and cruising seemingly without effort. I know deep down she wished she had the agility and all that it takes to ride a board lol Yeah, I get it. So yes, I guess it’s easier to hate on people rather than take self responsibility and clean up their own show. What she ignored is that I workout at least 1 time a week and I discipline myself to avoid sugars and all that junk and eat “clean” to stay lean. I try to stay disciplined most of the times which is not easy most of the times. I stay away from the bad stuff…etc…

Speaking of bad stuff…you know what else is bad? Public transportation in summer packed with sweaty, smelling people and some of which are hate-filled losers that have nothing better to do than bark their misery at other people and try to make them feel miserable as well.

To those types I say; take a deep breath and sniff each others farts, armpits and misery in that stinking bus, tram or whatever thing that you need to ride to get you to that place you call home. I’ll make sure to smile at you next time we meet on a hot summer day!


btw. the SK3 5065 280kv sucks compared to the SK3 5065 235kv. TORQUE TORQUE TOOOOORQUE! LOL I think its now obvious that I’ll take torque over speed any day…lol


I have noticed less of what you are talking about since I got a hub motor set up. My belt drive frequently caused that response. I think it was due to the noise. People and their dogs find it annoying and always notice you. But it is way too fun to really care, it takes all kinds in this world, including us fanatical electric skateboarders.

nah, my drive train is barely audible at speeds close to pedestrians walking speed thanks to FOC. It was clearly because I was going uphill that slow is why she figured out I was on an esk8. She probably felt better thinking that there’s a person out there that is more lazy than her and tried to draw attention to my lazy bum for not sitting 20 minutes in a bus or car but instead engaging my core and working my legs and try to keep my balance on a 20 min commute home.

I really treat pedestrians with respect and slow down to almost walking speed especially when it’s busy. Most of the time the reactions range from neutral to interested. A lot of times kids find it awesome - especially the boys. I never really had a negative response from anybody which I attribute to the way I ride around busy parts of my route so it got me by surprise getting barked at the way I did. If i do get a negative response when I deserve it then yes, appologies are due from my side. Barking at someone just because you need to vent out your frustrations is just dumb. Lets say you vent out on the wrong person that is having a worse day than you are? Worst case - your a$$ get busted.

I guess you’re right though. Live and let live. Don’t waste precious riding time :wink: Just smile and wave them hello and wish them a nice happy day :wink:


she probably just was confused, how can one be more lazy but less fat?


Lazy doesn’t equal fat, fat doesn’t equal lazy…


Most people blame us as lazy because they do not really think about it. They dont get t that you have to stand, not straight instead with a bit bended knees, and have to make constantly body movements which results in Sport… They just See that we dont push…

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People react like this out of surprise or maybe jealousy and frustration. In your case she’s fat and was struggling so I suppose she wanted to be you. I doubt they actually hate esk8, they just hate the fact that they don’t have one and voice it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nah there are also natural haters and “I must judge what is around me” kind of people.

Some retarded persons are even paid to spout bullshit everyday on various topics, have you never seen press articles randomly hating on skating, blading, etc?

Just accept the fact that some people hate what you do cause that’s what they do best, and show them all the fuck you give about it : zero. Who cares anyway. And if they are disrespectful, smack some courtesy in their brain.


Im sure I get reactions. But I stopped paying attention. Full face helmet(can’t hear them), and blasting the throttle with gear drives after I pass people lets them know I give 0 fucks about what they have to say lol.


Never had a bad interaction except for a group of kids skating who called me a cheater. That was just a bit of banter though. Most are interested or don’t really care.

I’ve experience everything from “that’s cheating” to practically being run off the road and everything in between.

One option to avoid bullshit is don’t skate alone. Groups of two or more are far less likely to catch shit from idiots, including county officials who bark at you on bike trails. And the more you add to the group the less shit you’ll get.

unfortunately this only works in some areas where there are actual groups of people who esk8.


I’ve been called a power ranger multiple times zooming around with my red TSG Pass I don’t mind it, but one time I was called lazy while I was testing vesc settings up and down a street.The ironic part was that they were old fat men drinking on their porch… I wonder what people will call me now with my new black Ruroc helmet.


Never had any real negative reactions personally… But on the topic of hating… Maybe it’s just cause I’ve been watching so much motor madness lately… I am really hating on people taking right turns on red lately!!! People in cars pay absolutely zero attention to people on the crosswalks, most of the time (>50%). This means waving down drivers until finally one checks to see if there is a pedestrian with the cross the road symbol instead of rushing to take a right on red. Either that or get myself ran over by oblivious fuckheads.

A counter to a possible counter argument… Sometimes riding with traffic isn’t feasible on a 6 lane road at 50mph and crosswalks are necessary.

I guess in the context of this thread, this would be more of an ‘I don’t even notice eskaters and will run over them instead’

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Dogs and cyclists. Dogs go ballistic every time they see me which sets off the owners but cyclists are my real antagonists. Very territorial is your average cyclist and does not like sharing the lanes. Thinks absolutely nothing of riding 4 abreast in a sixty zone though with a line of cars stretched out behind him. People hate what they don’t understand and that is that. Always has been always will be.


What are those? I’ve never seen one


I passed a “dog-zone” ( fenced area where dogs can poo and pee and play with other k9 - owners don´t like it ´cause it´s full of dog poo…who wants to spend time in a doggie toilet?) with my "not so lazy " longboard once.

Seems that my board resonated a non-audible low frequency noise that got interpreted as an agressive dog growl or some sort. The scary part is that the fences are low enoung that BIG dogs could easily jump over it. The worst part of the story was that the owners started laughing as soon as thier dogs ran to the fence and started to show me agressive behavior insted of calling back thier dogs back. The world is full of idiots…(well I´m sure I´m an idiot to someone else yes too so I´m not counting myself out lol)

I´ve also experienced aggressive cyclists in my city - usually they see me on my esk8 and they pass me really fast as close as possible to try to scare me off my board or the bicycle lane. I usually start chasing them - preferably after they relaxed. Then I let them hear my SK3 rev up. It´s a delight to see them get nervous and try to speed away - but I make sure they have to kick thier bikes on a loooong uphill bike path. That´s when I stay behind them and make them sweat a bit - then I hear them gear up hahaha. I then sloooowly start passing them and then it´s SAYONARA! Sometimes I meet them at a red light all sweaty catching thier breath. Lets just say thats my contribution to motivate them for thier daily cardio.


Now you do it right! Te should have chased the fat lady to make her sweat even more.

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The only negative reaction i had was about 2 weeks ago , i fell right in front of a woman who was on the phone. I fell so hard on my head that i couldn’t stand up anymore and i was hearing a beeping noise for a few seconds.The girl just passed by and while she was calling her boyfriend, mother or whoever, i heard her say : “yeah some guy just fell in front of me with some kind of stupid electronic skateboard…” . She looked at me like a was a piece of shit and went away without even asking if i was ok. I was unable to have a normal conversation for a few hours because of the shock on my head…That being said , all the other reactions i got were extremely positive. A lot of people (young and old) come and see me to know how an esk8 works , how fast it goes , where they can buy one etc…



what a b**ch! hope karma comes her way…