Performance Tests

I’ve seen lots of back and forth about comparing boards and whose is faster, bigger, better- drag race challenges, Pike’'s Peak hill climbs. But there doesn’t seem to be any standard performance tests that settle the arguments. I tried posting a similar thread on Reddit but didn’t get much traction, so I thought i’d give it another shot here.

So what are the right tests that you would like to see as a common measuring stick for performance? I see a couple of different categories:

  1. Board based performance- these tests would be purely to evaluate one particular board versus another in key performance areas. To do this, you would need some specific parameters (like a set combined weight of rider and board) that everyone agrees to and documents as part of their test.
  2. Board and rider performance- Whether it’s horse racing or stock cars, there is no denying that a skilled driver makes all the difference in the world when it comes to top performance. Combine the right rider with the right board and the results can be off the charts. These tests would measure the combination of the right machine with the right rider to set records.

So what tests do you think would be most important? There are a few that I can think of and some that were suggested in the other thread. Here are a few:

  1. Acceleration: 100 meter dash- Fastest over 100 meters (Is push starting allowed or should it be from a dead stop?) 1/4 mile sprint- Similar to a standard car drag race. Same question about push starts though it has less impact at this distance Time to a certain speed (25 mph?)- sort of like 0-60 being the standard measure for car acceleration

  2. Top Speed: Top Peak Speed over a set distance (1 mile?) 1 mile Challenge- timed 1 mile race (use GPS and sea level measurements to control for flat race route)

  3. Endurance Distance traveled on a single charge 24 hours of Esk8- Most miles traveled in 24 hours with recharges and/or battery swaps allowed

  4. Braking Distance to stop from 20mph

  5. Hill Climbing Really not sure how you could standardize a hill climb test unless you picked 1 particular hill…but that limits people to have to travel to one particular place to test. Maybe a set incline over a set distance?

What does everyone else think? Other overall categories that you would suggest? Any other tests within a category? I think if enough people are into keeping records, it would be cool to have a stock, modified, and custom classes for these tests, too. Having some standard tests would help to end some of the debates about hub vs belt or brand x vs brand y. And would give lots of riders a chance at glory :v:


Here’s what I think.

Whoever you are, whatever you’re slinging. If your board doesn’t feel like this board:

It probably pretty much sucks. Braking it down further: Motor mounts,belts and motors can be placed on this board without affecting how it feels.

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Um…ok. I’m not slinging anything. Just tired of watching everyone pull out their dicks and no one’s got a ruler. And I’m not a big fan of those drop through decks. I prefer the top mounts like this.

But hey, ride what makes you happy. Just don’t tell me yours is the best unless you can measure it.

First…That’s not a drop through deck, its also a top mount.

My point is everyone’s got a favorite ride. Taking good parts off to make shitty parts fit doesn’t make your same favorite board as a result.

Anybody can make a 40mph board. Anybody can make a board get 20 miles of range. Anybody can hide all of their shit in the wheel, or deck.

But at the end of the day, if your deck is still a foot off the ground because you get wheelbite it doesnt matter if your electronics are in the deck.

Or if your motor has replaced half of the good cushy urethane just to make it fit, but it feels like crap on anything less than smooth asphalt…or worse your urethane has a hard time staying on your hub because it doesn’t have a functional core. what is really the point?

I personally ride because it’s fun - because my boards feel good - because my boards are still longboards.


Still don’t see what that has to do with my first post. I’m talking about coming up with common tests that everyone uses as a measure of performance. Instead of everyone yammering about how their board is the best, I’d like to see someone show that their board is the fastest over 1/4 mile and post video to prove it. Then anyone else can go out and try to perform the same test faster with whatever their setup is. I’m not trying to push one type of board over another.

I used to be big into the Mopar scene and we all knew who had the fastest Challenger around because there was proof over a set 1/4 mile race. We don’t have that for esk8 and I’d like to see us develop one within the community.

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Well, because none of the things you want to measure really matter if the board kind of sucks as a whole anyway.

But whatever. carry on

My first post wasn’t even remotely pointed in your direction. It was aimed at almost every manufacturer of complete E-longboards.

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The purpose of objective performance testing is not about anything else except objective data from very a specific set of testing criteria. Is this useful for the consumer? not sure? doesn’t mean the need to test things is invalid.

Which one of these is the fastest around a circuit? The F1 car wins this performance test because it is better at braking & cornering when compared to the Drag car.

Which one of these is fastest in a straight line? The drag car Wins, it is faster in a straight line but sucks at cornering.

They both suck if you want to pickup the kids from school.

Define the test, using Observable, measurable, objective criteria, then see what is better at that specific test.

It’s very simple. Did X do Y better than Z


If we are making up crazy tests of shit we want to see people post vids of on youtube… we need a burnout category, or something with donuts, wheelies and stoppies… just saying :smiley:


Honestly performance tests that only measure one aspect of a design are useless other than comparing your epeen.

A mixed test with a variety of every day challenges are probably more useful to the average consumer.

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Right? We’re doing too much arguing here lately…Feel it? I do.

Here’s the simplest test we can all do whether we have ridden a longboard or built a few or not.

Ask yourselves this one question.

Could I enjoy riding this board unpowered? Your answer is important.


Cool idea. Almost like a decathalon of esk8 to find the most well rounded.

The testing that @NummThumz is referring to would be considered quantitative analysis - collecting objective data using standardized tests. The data is typically presented as figures and numerical data points. The interpretation of it is minimal and the goal is to be able to make comparisons across a number of “subjects.” In this case - esk8s!

The attributes that @psychotiller describes would be measured using qualitative analysis - interviews, surveys, focus groups, and observations to determine what matters to a population of people about a subject. This kind of research usually precedes quantitative studies, because there’s no point in measuring something if the measurement can’t help us all in some way.

The current thinking is that good scientiific research uses each side to triangulate the other - this approach is called a “mixed methods” approach. Both have an important place. Rather than contradict each other, the two sides inform each other.

Nerding things up a bit :slight_smile:


Makes sense!

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C’mon, any researcher worth their salt knows qualitative data isn’t “real” research. :grinning: just kidding. I’m in the process of finishing up my doctorate. I’m doing a quantitative study but some early discussions with my committee revolved around whether I should do mixed methods or not. Luckily it did not happen because time is not your friend when analyzing qualitative data.


LOL! Nice @NummThumz ! Good luck finishing up!

Why not use a Dyno designed for eskate and measure power to the wheels and use that as a standard

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I own a DIY that is much faster, accelerates much faster and has more than double the range compared to a Boosted Board, however I rode a Boosted for a couple of days and it is just as much fun to ride if not more because it carves so nicely and the flex of the deck really makes it comfortable.

So @psychotiller is right that specs do not completely reveal how good a board is, however I agree with @NummThumz too that if you’re going to talk specs they should at least adhere to some conventions.

If the specs are reliable you can get a good impression of the performance of the board, the riding quality can be somewhat estimated based on the configuration of deck, trucks and wheels, but the best thing is of course to try one!

Side topic - Im waiting for the moment when esk8 races might become more popular… Im already seeing some good progress from what French / Germans are organizing.

At least I know that each year in Germany they have this All terrain electric mountainboard race and I think France is not that far behind with something like this, as there seems to be many riders by now too.

As a side topic… Evolve had its already 3rd? championship… I think the idea is not that bad but I assume to ‘save’ personal finances of many people, the events would need to be local but maybe some sort of ‘standard’’ could be developed so the best lap times / max speed and so on could be comparable?

This also comes to the power output of the boards too maybe… though I think for beginning just a fun ride together with others would be enough but later on it could develop in some more serious races where the specs of boards are more controlled (?)

I’m excited for this as well. I think there is huge potential here. Electric skateboard racing would be a much better “spectator sport” than downhill racing. High speeds in a confined area with faster acceleration

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