Pescadito | Hamboards Small Fish Deck | HST Trucks | TB 6355 motors | Marcmt Mount | 12S2p | TB VESC

After a week or so of playing around on the Hamboards Fish Build (my first build), I wanted to see how it would work on Hamboards smaller fish shape - same carving trucks setup and 90mm wheels. Deck on the Pescadito is 43 inches or ~109cm. (the Fish 53 inches or ~135cm)

So Fun!!
Whereas the Fish is really a big cruiser, I can see using the Pescadito for commuting several miles…

Before and After Pics:



Full Build with photos on the original Hamboards Fish


Got to ride around Midtown this morning. I really like it!



How much do you have into your hst truck conversion? Can you send me a parts list and info for the machinist who made the motor mounts? I have a pinger I would like to convert. Can yours handle an incline or control decent?

Hi Insight - I used two Torqueboards 6355 motors and their (V)ESCs as well as the TB 12s2p battery.
As for the motor mounts - you can contact @marcmt88 - he designed and built it and would be able to give you a quote. I sent mine to him and he built and tested before sending back. He might want you to to send it to him just to make sure the fit is solid. Check out here for some details on my Fish. I have a Pinger as well, but haven’t transferred the setup over to it yet to try… but with the setup as mine - PLENTY of Power - no issues - actually accelerate going uphill (I’m 200lbs). I was worried about speed wobble as well, but no issues.

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Here’s what I bought from Torqueboards. I bought the battery separately from someone on here that was selling one.

The Dual Motor kit contains two motors, two ESCs, and the relevant connectors.


I heart this!

Sincere props for using Donnie’s HSTs!

Red springs are okay for you at speed?

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Cool to see another member of the Hamboard family! :slight_smile:

Thanks - yeah super fun and the red springs are totally fine so far. I probably haven’t hit more than 25mph though…

Donnie sent me some new stiffer springs, but I haven’t had a chance to put them on yet.

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Super cool looking build. I will have to try a hamboard eventually. They look quite surfy. Love that the build is unconventional, but still has the fit and finish. I suppose @marcmt88 has a lot to do with that. Very unique.


this was a lot of fun while it was running

look at that paint job, born to be electric lol

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Nice - for a short stubby board, I’ll bet that thing is way more stable feeling than most of the shorter boards out there.