Phase wire ordering when running sensored motors

I’m using @chaka’s 170kv sensored motors, and Enertion VESCs, and thought I would attempt to use the hall sensors given I would like nice smooth operation at low speeds.

So I have a question, I assume the order of the sensor wires connecting to the VESC is important, I found this post where @Jinra showed how to connect them, and am doing something very similar.

But is the ordering of the 3 phase wires connecting to the VESC also important? And if so, what’s the order? The Ollin motors come with phase wires colored red, yellow, and black.


+5v and GND cables (red and black) are important, but the 3 sensor wires doesn’t matter as long as you do detection and set it correct on the sensor table on BLDC tool.

Thanks, but perhaps I’m using the wrong terminology, I meant the 3 wires that carry the voltage and drive the motor, is their order important?

gotcha, those are typically called phase wires. Just make sure they’re spinning the right way, order doesn’t matter. There will be 3 combinations that will make it spin 1 way and 3 that will make it spin the other way. As long as the hall sensor table is correct, you’ll have no problems.

Awesome, many thanks! Hoping to get this all wired up and configured today… fingers crossed.

if you throttle and it looks like the motor is cogging, do NOT put more throttle/current to it, or you can blow something.