PHENOM | Custom deck | Bear Trucks | X NOVA 2.5Y 560kv | 6s lipo | Castle Talon HV120 50v | Orangatang president 70mm

Hi guys my name is Godfrey from South Africa.I started my build early august its a diy deck.lost my pics cant show you the process how it was built…sorry for that.i should have researched before buying electronics as you can see i bought a motor with a high kv and esc is for rc plane would have been better off with rc car esc.i realised after making modification on them so cant send em back.excuse my english.

here it is…batteries are built inside the deck Its super thin less than 13mm and it weighs less than 5kg.i think bear trucks are heavy it could weigh less.It can take a rider with 80kg weight.dont know to what weight its gona break.2nd one would be stronger. i built this one on low the way its built with carbon fibre about 12mm thick carbon fibre motor bracket also built this awesome belt cover im planning to buy enertion dual drivetrain but im still short on cash…this deck is busy with a curved design.


Really love the belt cover. Well done

Did you drill straight into the wheel for the drive pulley?

Wow. Thats awesome. I have actually been thinking about doing something very similar for some time now. I wish you still had build photo’s. that would be great.

yes i drilled through

what batteries did you use? and can you remove them from the deck?

COOL BUILD! i love seeing new ideas.

I was also thinking about making a motor mount completely from CF also…

It’s possible to make trucks with molded CF too.


battteries 6s lipo 10000mah 25C

and yes batteries are replaceable

I’ve always wanted a belt cover.They look awesome on the Boosted Board. Maybe you could make a tutorial for the belt cover and for your next deck with inbuilt batteries. Good job!

This looks like a sweet deck, so damn thin! Well done!

Im busy with something its gonna be a game changer:sunglasses:

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inside my board…no airflow so risky


updates !! How is this board holding up???

Hey, just saw the new deck you posted…details please :smiley:

@Godfrey poke


Look at my post you mtb at the end I show one that I made with silicone mold :wink:

Nice work especially the last picture you posted :slight_smile: can’t wait to see more. I have done one full carbon and I know how challenging it can be. If you can show us all the process of building of the last and the new board it’s always good to see new ideas :slight_smile:

For your truck/motor mount is made with layers of carbon and then Cnc process or it made an other way?