Philadelphia group ride?

Anyone in Philly down for a meetup and group ride?

I would be down. I’m surprised there is no facebook group or other organized esk8 thing in Philly cause I see DIY’s, Boosted’s, and other E-boards in Center City and University City all the time. I’m currently having inconsistent issues with my battery pack and may need to get a new pack but I’m in Center City and when my board works right I can get around 7 miles range

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sent you a PM! lets go for a ride sometime

Hey, I’m looking for some group rides around Philly. Hit me up!

Add me to the list of people for a group ride in or around Philadelphia.

when are you guys free? let’s do one this weekend?

Mornings are best for me. I can either take the train down or drive. Only mention that for possible starting locations. Ride and grab some breakfast or lunch? I’ve been craving lunch at Jack’s Firehouse.

Hey guys. I’m no eboarder but I own an electric unicycle and I’m about 30 mins outside Philly. I can’t find a single EUC rider in my area or Philly. If you guys want another rider one day let me know, I’m always looking for people to ride with. I generally go on long rides and understand you guys need to charge and stop a bit more and that’s fine. If anyone wants to ride let me know.


i just noticed there are no FB group in philly for esk8. :frowning: guess i will make 1 up so we can all meet up at West River Drive on Sundays or Delaware Ave. West River Drive is great on Sundays because no cars are allowed!

Is there an official Philly group?

I am also looking to see if there are any ESkate builders in Philly as well. Please let me know! I am a rider and attempting to complete my first build. Please let me know if any of you guys are still around.

I’m in philly and have a little knowledge. We can talk if you need.

There is!

Philly E-riders is the group. There’s quite a few in the group

I’m in philly and could help you out

Hey Bobkat !! Philly DIY Esk8er looking for Group Ride… Lets Rock PHILLY!! I will be dressed like Rocky Balboa!! My Board will CRUSH EVERYONE!

Thanks guys, just found the right group on FB. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.