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Phone Monitoring for Motor/Battery!

Everyone on this website has probably considered buying one of those pre-made Chinese boards at some point or another for a variety of different reasons whether it be price, design, or to tear apart the components. For me, it was the apps. I love the idea that you can glance at your phone or watch and know how hot the motor is, how much battery juice you have left, and how far you have travelled. Well, now I think that time for the DIY specs monitoring has finally arrived. I was cruising around on hobbywing’s (that’s right, WING, not KING) website this morning and found this amazing little device: Here’s the link: I’m thinking about ordering one and trying it out. Any thoughts?


Too bad it only works with Hobbywing ESC’s

yea but lucky me my board is hooked up to a hobby wing ESC :joy:

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That’s awesome @anorak234 ! @chaka shared some info about Vedder’s Nunchuck which will hopefully have some similar readout capabilities. @jacobbloy is running a beta program of his VESC connect features right now. All to say that hopefully an easy readout is coming to VESC eventually.

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I would like it 100x more if it was Bluetooth instead of wifi, this leaves you having to be at home to program and see stats, and u usually want to see your stats while riding not after…

After writing this I thought that you could perhaps make your phone a hotspot and use the wifi that way

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I guess the connection can be made directly like for example to a go-pro, chromecast, TV or dji Phantom drone.