Photon Remote: Best DIY remote?

Anyone ever use this? or even see it in the wild. seems like this is a dream remote for DIYers

im starting my build soon can anyone recommend a few remotes for me to check out. I like thumb control

Maybe you should ask @Wajdi about that :smile:

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Geez dude

Ok now everybody go back to what they were doing


Hey guys I just found on google forum, do you you think I should register to it? Seems like is a dream forum for DIYers.


There you go buddy, seems awesome!



hey no need for the sarcasm lol i just joined a few days ago and stumbled on this while google searching. :stuck_out_tongue:


Best thing for you to do is search everything and read through the threads before starting a new one. most of your questions are answered.

As far as the Photon is concerned. It’s still kinda in the beta phases but Wajdi is doing a great job working out kinks. Damon (Longhairedboy) is using them and giving great feedback to Wajdi


I’m sort of in the camp that says the best DIY remote will be a DIY remote you make, am I wrong? That right there is just a remote you buy…lol

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I guess he meant it’s the best remote for DIY esk8 builds. In this case i would agree, it offers the most functionality.

It may have a lot of functions, but the primary one being on the thumb will not work for me…I’m a trigger man myself and it looks completely worthless for me personally because I would barely be able to use it, even with all those features…if there was a trigger version, hell yeah…but I’m not in the habit of paying early adopter prices for things I don’t want or need, lol

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Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

I have been developing and improving the remote for about a year now, and I have received very valuable feedback from the esk8 community, notably from the early adopters. The project has reached an acceptable level of maturity, and I hope that soon enough it will be largely available in stock.

As for a trigger version, I’m seriously considering offering a trigger version of the remote, perhaps I will setup a poll and see how many are interested before investing in it.


I would be interested, and I imagine there would be more people wanting trigger than the thumb control…for a lot of reasons not just muscle memory…

THis has been hashed over again and again, its pretty much down the middle.


For the DIY market and builder? You are telling me is split down the middle? Or are you talking about people who bought and got use to completes with thumb controllers? To me they are two different demographics, which one is this designed for?

There are plenty of threads out there, just take a look.


that’s strange to me, I would love to see the results of a poll…I’ll do one in the large fb group to check out the results…now I’m curious…

edit: beat me too it…and that was all in the diy forum too, interesting, let’s check FB demographics, I bet it will lean thumb due to them mostly being commuters not builders…


Pretty much even poll. So in that regard… the Proton Remote is on its way to become the best remote for DIY users.


Yep I prefer thumb throttle. All my remotes are thumb and the only trigger ones I’ve tried I didn’t like.

Imo Thumb vs Trigger is akin to riding regular or goofy it’s all personal preference.


As another user said…look at the universal advanced remote for vesc thread…and I have one in my hand right now…


That would be really neat! I can only speak for myself, but after using a nunchuck and not really loving the handling this was the reason i didn’t go for your remote. And after building a diy gt2b arduino nrf mod i’d be very happy to buy a premade vesc remote i didn’t have to debug myself ;D