Picking Motors for a cheap 3s build with VESC

I am just starting building an electric skateboard. I am going for high torque and high lifetime at lower speeds, with a 3s10p 40a pack. I am having trouble finding a suitable 500w motor, and was wondering if anyone knew of anything good, as my pack cannot supply more than 500w at a time. Also, is it instead possible to buy a higher watt motor but program a vesc to only deliver 500w? Help would be much appreciated!!!

Yes, With VESC, it is possible to control the Maximum Current Draw from the battery & Also the Maximum power output to the motor/s. This is what makes it a truly amazing piece of tech!

There are also some custom VESC firmware’s that allow you to set the Maximum Watts from bat into motors etc.

I did not qite understood point of going 3s10p instead of 10s3p. With low voltage there would be greater heat losses than with higher voltage. So why 3s? High tolque and low top speed? -> gearing and vest settings ajustment.


Thanks for the help! My lipo charger can only do 6s so would a 6s5p pack work better than 3s10p? Also, anyone know a good cheap bldc?

Do 2 of those 6s.

My opinion, based o my experiense and may not be helpfull for you: 6s is better than 3s. 10s is better than 6s. I think its better to buy new charger than use 6s. On other side, 6s for needs may be enough, but you may want to yse your battery for more power in future and 6s wount be enough (you can make 2*6s to have ability to make 6s or 12s, and you can yse your charger) . I use hobbyking 192kv, but its definetly not setrving your needs for low top speed. I think you need something less than 100kv. Ideally you want lowest kv possible for low speeds and high torque. Top speed calculator for esk8 is good way of planning set up. You want lowest cureent on your controller. this way batteries and esc will live long(and do not store them for long time fully charged or discharged)

P. S : why your pack cant do more than 500w?

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My pack is made of old modem batteries that can only do 4a each. 4a * 3.6v * 30 cells is 500 w without risking heatup. Is this enough to drive a board? Specifically i am lookint at a flipsky 140kv 6354 2500w motor

How do you think powering a 2500 watt 6354 motor with only 500 watts would go? would it be better to get a smaller 1000 watt 5045 motor?

i have a board with only 350watts, youd be surprised how strong it is, but i weigh 120 so wind could blow me uphill


Same! What motor do you use?

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i can post some pictures after school but its a 2 year old shortboard i dont know what motor it is besides a 350w hub, durable af tho done no maintainance in all that time

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with it’s battery and wheel size it has never really been used the way some people use their DIY boards.

Hi, well reason to use only 500w for batteries is strong)) I thing there is no downsides of using 2500w motor at 500w(and no downsides on using 1000w, only is future upgrades will require better motor), you need to just adjust gearing to make your desired top speed for your battery (6s, 10s, 12s). the lower top speed would be, the higher torque you will have. 140kv? I don’t know, you need to use esk8 calculator for top speed, I’m not sure you can make such gearing for it to have small top speed (biggest pulley on wheel is 40-44 tooth and smallest on motor is 15 maybe (there are even lower, but I’m not sure how it will behave with belt under load). this gives you limitation on lowest speed possible for your config, if you are using 500w, you want lower top speed. once again esk8 top speed calculator is good tool for your purpose, it will not show torque, but you can relay on electric scooters - they typically have 350 - 500w, check specs and compare for what you want)