Pics and specs of Impressive builds costing roughly $1500-$1600 needed

Hi there! Check out this thread for some context (tldr: I am making a presention to present to jr. high-high schoolers about engineering practices and esk8)

I need some pictures of an offroad build, or something that looks generally impressive as well as the specs. I am trying to give a comparison between the highest level Boosted board, and a DIY board of the same price. Can anyone help me out with that?

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Feel free to use any pictures you can find on my profile for a relatively high spec trampa build (maybe 1800$ to 2000$) in parts. I use 2x VESC 6, 2x Overion 130kv sealed 6374 Motor and 2x Graphene 6S 12000 15C packs. Also a completely 3d printed drivetrain.

For absolute offroad crazyness i’d suggest @Duffman’s 4WD Monster.

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But a boosted board isn’t offroad :thinking:

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Anything is offroad if you are brave enough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But in all seriousness, the goal is to show how much more performance you can get from a DIY board of the same cost. What better to do that with than offroad?

Well how do you classify offroad? Just bigger wheels?, Different deck?

I’m asking because for the same money a “street” build vs an “offroad” build could easily have better performance/range

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I guess I could do both, to show two extremes. I really shouldn’t categorize them both into one thing, they are completely different mosters. For offroad, I mean what @Der6FingerJo built. Impressive street builds would be great too!

I’m just saying to compare offroad maybe do it against a prebuilt offroad like the gtx and the street boards against the boosted

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True, I will consider that!

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Here are some of mine in an ongoing build… from latest to earliest. custom made battery from old EV cells. 12S 16AH 6kw 80mm motors vesc6, direct drive for 80mm made by Jens/ nowind / E-Toxx…

Battery is still on trial, so I haven’t made my carbon fiber enclosure for it yet. I made a separate 6s pack for extra range of I feel I need it and don’t have a power outlet. also gives a nice break after riding 15 miles :slight_smile:

unfortunately 1600 bucks only gets the board and the direct drive, nothing else… :confused:

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Bigboytoys made a 4wd offroad monster

I crunched the numbers once, mine cost the equivalent of $1993. I’m not sure how much of that was shipping charges. 2x 6474 2x FOCbox 10s5p Trampa infinity trucks Lights, 3d printed parts, etc. You’re welcome to use my build log if you want, I do have some upgrades pending.

image 27 mph. 35 mile range. 5000w

Doubt it. Motor ratings don’t = power output.

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Off topic: where you been @Deckoz ??? Good to see you


Ok. I have Bluetooth data for 4500w

Lurking hard. Lol