Pierced wheel (getting stuck?)

So, last time I though I hit some stupid gravel or some shit because my board decided to break by itself as if there was something stuck in a wheel or something. It was dark so I thought that I just hit some crap that I would’ve avoided in daylight. However it happened multiple times today too.

I found the follwing in one of the wheels. I’m not so experienced with longboards in general but is this something that happens, and if it does, does it usually cause the wheel to get stuck to things? I can’t really figure another reason out, neither mechanics or electronics. (And either way, what in the world could’ve pierced the wheel that deep?)

It happens, but it shouldn’t get stuck because of it.

Hmm, my theory is that gravel might hook onto the big hole and cause the wheel to lock up. The feeling is that I’ve hit something too big for the wheels like a thick branch from a bush or tree causing a wheel to lock, then it releases after a meter or two :confused:

Edit: Maybe I could try to fill the hole up with something?

No that shouldn’t be the problem. Probably something else like motors or berings.

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Or maybe the belt.

How fast are you going when the “stops” happen? If you have enough momentum going, you should be able to roll over quite a bit of shit without getting stopped. I agree with @Khayman. Sounds like mech. Check your mech again and try turning the pulleys over by hand while watching how the parts interact. There should be some sort of sounds or physical resistance that would narrow it down for ya’. I am also a fan of taking the shit apart and putting it back together. Sometimes the problem just seems to fix itself.

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I don’t see how anything that got stuck in your wheel would cause it to lock up, but I’ve had a number of things inflict some deep wounds. The roads here are pretty crappy so I’ve had rocks, pieces of metal, and glass embedded in my wheels. Mainly the drive wheel. I did the offending article out with a mini screwdriver and fill the hole in with glue so that it doesn’t get filled up with dirt or get anything else stuck in there.

For your wheels locking up, I second checking your belt. I’ve had rocks and other things get stuck in my belt. Never had anything large enough to stop me from rolling, but it has cost me a couple belts.

Well if it hasn’t caused too many problems yet, I would say take it out and test for a bit longer. If you don’t have any problems with the test run, then fill the hole with epoxy

What’s your order number? (same batch as mine? Batch 2) Take a look at this topic:


I ride a lot on cobble stones thanks to my old-skool city and after 2 months my left back wheel started braking (actually shorting). Moving the wires a bit solved the problem, but after some vibration the same happened. And trust me, you don’t want this to happen at 45km/h. I just posted a solution there. It was a production problem with the early batch Enertion motors. They shipped me a new one in warranty, but I managed to solve the issue one day before the motor will arrive.

I don’t have the Raptor, ordered my motor around march-april i believe though. Will try and have a look at the motor tonight.

I believe the first time it happened I actually ran over some gravel by accident at night at quite high speed and came to almost a complete stop (at least I’m 90% it was gravel, might go back and check). Then it happened twice more on the few kilometers home. I feel like something happened running over the gravel the first time as that’s when it started happening. That should support my theory but could also just be a coincidence.

The speeds have been 10-20 km/h, and I agree it shouldn’t be able to stop it. The hole in the wheel though is BIG, bigger than it looks on the picture in my opinion and crap could definately hook onto it. I’m just doubting the harsh consequences of it doing so.

Same time as my raptor has shipped… The hole won’t do any harm to the wheel or it spinning… I’m pretty sure it’s ur motor acting up. It feels like you are getting pulled back when driving at speed…

Sounds more probable, what does @carl.1 think?

Did a benchtest today, wiggling the wires around when keeping constant throttle causes the motor to act strangely (slowing down breaking etc.). It’s not entirely unprobable I have the same problem as you.

Yeah, it’s like it doesn’t remember which RPM it’s at… Try to get that on a video, post it in a private shareable youtube and add this in your e-mail to enertion and to this thread please. I’ve ordered 2 more motors, just to be safe and have stock myself. But enertion aknowledged the problem and shipped a third as warranty. (And they managed to ship it to Belgium within 2 weeks, half a week counted for customs #GoEnertionSupport )

When I compare the new ones to the old I can see that there’s a lot more isolation left inside the wires in the motor. But still the heat-shrink (3 wires together) is still too loose to my liking. I will glue It up before mounting it as well.

As for a good temp solution waiting on replacement. try to find something like I did. And try to get the wires as stiff as possible from moving.

Oh man! you better get that patched before it goes flat! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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