Pink | Sector 9 | 10S | VESC | SK3 192kV | GT2B

This is more a chop and swap than a fresh build.

I ride with @rogerD - he first got me interested in eboards and having the knowledge, skill and equipment has been adviser and electrical engineer.

Aim was to build an electric skateboard with decent range and speed that did not cog on acceleration – I’m 90kg – build is not for commuting or saving the planet, just fun.

I picked up 3 eBoards off eBay, one incomplete, one not working and one tip top - £60, £80 and £90 paid respectively, all 3 Chinese mass produced, bulky, DC motor, lead acid battery.

The original set up looks like this –

Just a case of removing electronics, battery, motor then adapting motor mount.

File and drill mount.

New motor – when stepping down pulley it was necessary to drill out the motor mounting holes to allow movement for belt tensioning.

The original electronics housing is perfect for keeping VESC safe and can be cut to mount a fan.

The deck is from Sector 9 - a 110cm longboard that someone previously had tried to change to an eboard whilst on crack.

This cleaned up nicely – my daughter chose colour and decal.

Pair of 10S 4000 mAh batteries, VESC and GT2B

The board pulls well, has a range of 8 miles and can probably push 30mph – last couple of outings have recorded 25mph with plenty left, just not keen to experience another crash at 30+

Next step is to mount a fan and go for a bigger battery box to house another pair of 10S 4000 mAh which should take range up to a more respectful 16 miles.


post some videos .

1st pic i see dc motor and a VLDC motor already mounted . sept 2014 my 1st eboard 24V dc motor , only changed the deck .

2nd eboard SWEET Sector 9 length 41" space cell 10s 3p 35V nominal . dual diagonal set up from .

post some videos .

@mostwanted the boards pictured are a Chinese DC thing I was going to break but as all working and my daughter loves it have kept whole until a need arises for the bits, other is my first adaption - 245kV motor, 6S, Hobbyking ESC - works well, 6 mile range 28mph top end.

Skating around with a camera on a stick is not really my bag. If there is ever any footage I’ll upload for you :grinning:

any video of you eboarding would be nice . i’m waiting for my china made 4K gopro version of sports cam . we here are ectstatic when viewing esk8 videos . post yours in the videos section . mine is just an example . happy skating .