Pins and Ends to make custom wiring harnesses JST 2.0

Hey all. I’m struggling trying to find which pins to bulk order and where to get them, along with different ends to have the ability to make my own wiring harnesses. Would be really useful for all kinds of different situations ie motor sensors, balance lead changes and other such projects. Anybody doing this? Care to share where you’re buying your supplies from? Thanks!

I’ve ordered all the jst connectors in bulk on eBay, for uart, sensor, can, all of em

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I use digikey and mouser. Here are male pin sockets in various numbers: Here are female housings in various numbers: Here are the crimp contacts that go in the female housings: And if you just want pre-crimped wires:

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This started because im swapping bms’s and struggled to find a 10 pin. Plus, most of the leads would be too short. But ya, mostly ebay or Amazon or ali express provides.

Thanks man! Saves me a lot of trouble.

You’re welcome! I had a similar issue, I shorted the balance connector on my battery and had to replace the plug and wires.