Pitbull electric skateboards

I got my first two boards fro Pitbull and have been more than happy. The first board was a dual motor carbon fiber deck 6s4p and ive upgraded to dual hubs and a 10s5p. The owner Chris has amazing customer service and always takes the little time he has to answer your questions. I highly recommend them just on customer experience alone!!! Included a picture of my very first board an him taking the time to explain how everything works. He actually recommended this amazing website. Been hooked ever since Www.diyeboards.com (not dyieboard)

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sophos is blocking the site…

Location: pitbullelectricskateboards.com Access has been blocked as the threat Mal/HTMLGen-A has been found on this website.

Works just fine using safari on my iphone…:man_shrugging:t4:

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Thanks for the kind words and support. :smiley:

I have one in order… Normally on the way to be assembled & build… I will let you know …

In case I received one

Hello Did any body here personally know Chris ? Please contact me in private message …

I did however i no longer communicate with him because of issues that arose with the way he handled business

Drama, lets go!


They are selling a 12s4p with Panasonic NCR18650BD. Are these good cells because if so they are having a half off deal and it will cost 274.99

What happened?

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Can someone explain this? Screenshot_2018-11-18-12-35-28


He didnt actually fix it that was a different size :grimacing::grimacing:

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@yelnats8j is right :no_mouth: Unbenannt


On mine it says 274.99. Should I buy it or is it too good to be true


is the owner of pitbull on the forum

Mind getting specific?

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Berto, be honest. Dont slander my business. We became friends, or so i thought, then you became extremely mean when i reached out to you as a friend. We stopped talking because of disrespectful you were/are.

I still have the text messages. So dont try to discredit my business.

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I’m the owner of Pitbull.

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