Pitbull Esk8 & Board

I like to limit the battery through the vesc. How about the battery without a bms at all and just balance wires sticking out. Would that work?

Also can we get some pics and dimensions?

Unless you get a certificate its a no go

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+1 for charge only bms!


Was making a joke about Mr. Worldwide, I’m in the U.S. Got pics?

Pics coming shortly.

Would love it that much more if you offered JTAG’s DieBieMS. It’s the absolute perfect addition to your board if you love tech like me!

this is the best black friday marketing scheme I have seen yet, bravo!!

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I PMed him. Thanks for the suggestion. I think this could be a great addition.

Scheme? How so?

Ah I see. I actually thought this was my thread that i posted yeaterday. Haha

No scheming here. Aint got time for that.

He hasn’t had time to make it, I believe it @Samau18 who did a few group buys with it. If you want to see your battery like this…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I believe they were going for a little over $100 each, so no, not cheap. But I’m sure theirs customers out there who will pay for it!


So, we ever gonna see some pictures?

Guess not.

Holy shit… this BMS is so cool!


Man you waited 4 hours after he said they’re coming shortly…

Have some patience, someone told me it’s a virtue :wink:

you might still be able to get in on one. I know @Samau18 made extras for the current batch :smile:


Those were posted on the 18th, hence my comment last night.

Splitting hairs here but since you named a date… Screenshot_20181120-123737_Chrome


Yea, I’m in the process of setting up my first one. But it’s wicked cool and smart. Not enough people know about it yet.

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Right. I said 18th to make it clear that when he said ‘tommorow’, that meant the 19th.

He’s from Cali so let’s give the man some time. That being said… Pics or it didn’t happen!