Placement of the BMS

I’ve looked and looked and I can’t seem to find a good topic on where to actually put the BMS once my battery is built! I plan on doing a 10s4p LI-ON battery and have a bestech BMS for charge/discharge.

I’ve seen a few builds where it looks like the BMS got heatshrinked into the pack itself and I’ve also seen builds where the BMS is mounted around the VESCs.

Whats the method to this madness? What are you opinions on where the BMS should go?

Thanks guys…if I missed a post through my searching, feel free to throw it in here and yell at me for not searching enough!

I would put it around the escs if i can fit it, if not i would insulate the shit out of it and place it on the battery

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Picture picking up your newly-built masterpiece (esk8) and bashing it wheels-first against a concrete wall as hard as you can for 30 minutes. And if any pieces of metal inside wear through the plastic covering and touch each other, it’s likely your esk8 will burn down. Because that’s almost exactly what happens when you ride it. So think about that while deciding where and how to place things and how to construct it.

good point! I need to re-evaluate how all of this is going to mount into my enclosures…time to do more searching on what others are doing!

Got any good pictures on how you mount your stuff?

That’s how I have it currently mapped out right now. Just need to figure out how to get them solidly mounted in there.

Get some window sealant tape, glue the tape on all of the electronics and then the other side(non sticky) glue it with small amounta of hot glue to enclosure

Window sealant is soft and damps vibrations, thats how I do it