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Planned build. Landyachtz Switch. Reverse-mounted Big-Boy. Electronics on top

Hi guys. Total noob here. Been reading through the forum for a while trying to learn but would now love some comments and feedback on a mostly Enertion build I’m planning if anyone has a spare few minutes.

In my head it seems like a good idea to reverse-mount the motor at the back and mount all the electronics/batteries etc on top of the deck in between my feet (I know some of you guys don’t like this idea but I personally do. There’ll still be loads of room for my feet). So here’s what I’m thinking…

Deck: Landyachtz Switch 41.5"

Trucks, wheels and motor: Enertion single motor kit plus (single 6374 Big Boy motor)

Batteries. Two of these:


Hand-held controller:


Questions I’m hoping people can help me with:

  1. Have I missed anything?
  2. Would these parts come together well?
  3. Is it possible/easy to reverse-mount Enertion’s 6374?
  4. Would the 6374 Big Boy be enough to drive a heavy deck like the Switch up hills without frying?
  5. If I ever decide to get another 6374 and go DD, would that be a total battery-killer?

Additional info:

  • I weigh 160lbs / 73kg
  • My town is hilly as hell so torque is more important than speed

Thanks guys, I really appreciate any responses I get!

Maybe better to use 2x4s batteries to get a total of 8s.
The big Brother:
and as these are LiPos without bms you will need a balance charger.(iMAX B6 will be good for the beginning.)

IMAX b6 is a 6s charger not 8s unless you want to run at 4s

Don’t think so since calibers/enerrtion trucks are not symmetrical, would love to be proven wrong though

You can do it with torqueboards v4 mount, or some other mount that allows for full rotation of the mount. According to @claudiofiore88 you’d have to make sure the center distance is 66+mm or the motor may hit the truck.

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Enertion’s mount doesn’t reverse mount. @cmatson has modded it though.

Yeah, otherwise you’ll hit the kingpin when using 63mm motors. 50mm may work with a 60mm c to c.

What if you just lower the angle of the motor so the king pin is out of the way?

This might sound crazy (newbie remember) but what if I just flip the whole rear truck backwards? How would that affect the ride?

Your board would turn in the wrong direction.

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Oh. I thought maybe the VESC could be programmed to run the motor in reverse. Man, I still have so much to learn!

Btw thanks for all the responses so far.

Putting the motor in reverse would just make the board go in the opposite forward/backward direction. The trucks would change left and right.

And front-mounted motors are bad because… your weight is more on the back end so you’d have less traction?

Wait, why are we talking about front mounted motors now? Yes less traction.

I was just curious as a side-note.

Ok, so I guess my best bet is to buy a motor mount that can be reversed and just use it with the trucks already on the board. Guess that saves me having to buy the Enertion trucks. I was hoping for as much out-of-the-box stuff as possible because I don’t trust my engineering competence, but I guess for that I’d need a different deck.

Different deck would make it easiest. Enertion motor mount is pretty easy to set up.

Quick question regarding the suggested 4S batteries… two of those would mean 8S and I thought the Enertion 6374 could only handle 7S total?

Enertion’s motors can handle up to 12S.

Sweet. Ok thanks for all the help man, I really appreciate it. I’ll go back to the drawing board!

Hey sorry, I just realised I meant 7 cells, not 7S. Can both the Enertion 6374 and the VESC handle 8 cells?