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Planned build. Landyachtz Switch. Reverse-mounted Big-Boy. Electronics on top

The S is the cell count. 7S means 7 cells. the motor would work with up to 12 cells. You should be fine.

Our motor mounts here product/torqueboards-single-motor-mechanical-kit/ can be mounted in reverse.

Our 6374 motor here but for hills, I’d honestly recommend dual rear motors 6355 or 5055. product/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-230kv/

Also checkout our new enclsoures. We have an ESC enclosure which can house 2x ESCs, on/off switch and some wiring. We also have a separate enclosure for a 2x6s and 2x3s packs. product-category/electric-skateboard-parts/enclosures/

1) Have I missed anything?

Your setup isn’t plug and play. You would need a soldering iron to finish the wiring off. And/or you can try our 4mm HXT Series Connector + On/Off Switch which work well with Lipo - product-category/electric-skateboard-parts/electrical-connectors

2) Would these parts come together well?

Yeah, parts would work except motor mount isn’t a reverse mount but it has been done before see #3.

3) Is it possible/easy to reverse-mount Enertion’s 6374?

Has been done before. Cmatson has done it.

4) Would the 6374 Big Boy be enough to drive a heavy deck like the Switch up hills without frying?

IMO for hills dual motor is always better. Flat ground doesn’t matter as much.

5) If I ever decide to get another 6374 and go DD, would that be a total battery-killer?

Dual diagonal with 2x 6374 is overkill and too heavy to be enjoyable IMO. I’d rather run a dual 6355 and you can climb 20-30% inclines easily.

If you wanted to save a bit more and don’t need heavier duty equipment. You’d be fine with our product/electric-skateboard-motor-5055-280kv-2200w/ which will work great on 6S or 8S and you’d hit 25mph+ and climb 20-30% inclines especially with your rider weight.

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You can top mount your Switchblade with no issues and you still get a decent drop. I did exactly that with a Switchblade 41.5. Ended up going for the smaller Switchblade. The shorter wheelbase gave me more traction. I’m a little lighter than you. Still have an unused 41.5, but the holes and foam pad are drilled for an E-GO.

Thanks Torqueboards for such a comprehensive response. If this is Dexter btw then sorry for just accidentally closing our chat on the DIY website!

Ok, back to the drawing board for sure. Thanks everyone for the help.