Planned Build (Switch 40)

Alright, after a lot of time talking to some esk8 wizards, I have reformulated my plan a bit.

I am planning on using a Landyachtz Switch 40, with torque boards 218mm trucks, and MBS 100mm All Terrain Wheels. I currently have 1/2 inch risers on, but may have to add another 1/4 inch on.

Under, I will be using 5x 2s 5000mah lipos, going to a 10s Bms as seen here;

I am using a single Turnigy 6374 192 KV motor with 15/36 pulleys in the @marcmt88 full drivetrain kit.

I will be using a VESC, most likely this one to save a little bit of money; products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

I will either be buying or making a slim enclosure, haven’t decided yet. I also an undecided on transmitters and other components.

Am I missing any thing that will cause this build not to work?

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looks good…make sure to work out how youre going to power it on… alot of people go with either an anti-spark switch or a simple loop key.

forgot to add this! im planning on wiring a 60A push button antispark in.

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The Bestech bms has a built in E-switch eliminating the need for a loop key or other antispark switch.

How does this switch work? I saw a few pictures of two white wires labeled as the switch but am unsure exactly how you would go about powering it on and off.

The wires go to a normal push button switch (I think it must be latching?) and when pressed goes on and vise versa


As @pat.speed said, a normal 12v push button latching switch or an on/off toggle switch.

The Bms E-switch turns the system on and off and also resets the bms if it goes into protection mode.