Planning a dual 6355 190kv urban carva

Hey guys So after countless hours of reading these forums and elsewhere, I think I’ve finally settled on a build. Since im 225lbs 6’4, and no real chance of getting the weight down, I’ve decided to go straight to a dual motor build. This way, I’m not killing a motor+vesc if I decided to try a single motor setup first.

Board Trampa Urban carver Motors 190 kv 6355 or 6374 Vesc I might want to get the focbox for its features/price. Will the torqueboards 99$ vesc work with my setup?

Battery I want to use 2 lipo packs, both 5s, in series. That way I can get the 10s power. I plan on getting the torqueboards on/off switch, and some sort of 50A (?) fuse. I will then use a balance charger to charge the two batteries.


Any suggestions/tips for my setup. Do I need a bms, or any safety features? I plan on having the batteries in a pelican style box between my feet, and the vescs mounted to the tail of the board somehow.

I think you could read this, almost same setup…

I just purchased a Street Carver and I’m going to mount dual 6374s 190KV Kaly motors on 12S4P. It will be a prety sick board, pretty fast and crazy torque, My second build, still ride it everyday, has dual 6355 from @torqueboards they are extremely powerful, however I really wonder what could dual 6374s can really do.

I wouldn’t go with lipos, if you are going to build such a sweet board get Samsung 30Q Lithium-Ion and go with a 12S4P

My AT beast board has 6374 149kv on 12S6P and it’s insane and almost silent in BLDC. Just pure adrenaline. My new build is going to be 12S4P but still with the same motors specs.

How much speed do you get on those motors at what pulley ratio?

too much speed and torque to handle. Probably 65 km/h reach in few seconds. 66T 15T. I’m going to get a quick ride in paris in like 30 minutes and put my live on instagram for you to see how this beast react in urban conditions; hopefully it will not rain.

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Thanks for all the replies. Eboosted - I a considering getting a 10s4p (isnt 12s too much for vescs, even though officially its supported?) 30q battery made, but I imagine that will be super expensive. Unfortunately I do not own a spot welder nor do I know anyone that does here in Canada, so I cant build one myself. What do you think if I did 10s2p (4x 5s) lipo battery, probably 10,000mah, and it would be hooked up to a bestech bms. This will hopefully save me quite a bit of money. To be honest, maybe I would be able to forgo the spot welding, and weld wires to the liions, but Im not sure Im up for that :frowning:.

Im glad you guys are enjoying your boards, you’re just adding to the hype I’ve already built up! This is a very expensive project for a university student, so Im taking my time researching now so that I can build a solid board, and not have any regrets. I like to spend my money once, and not have to keep upgrading something. Im setting aside bits of my paycheque to be able to build this, hopefully before summer ends!