Planning a First budget build for a hilly area

Howdy guys. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a board for quite some time, but me being me, I thought maybe I’d build one. Most of my hobbies entail me building things from scratch if I can.

I’m a bit stunned with the minor details. I’ve always struggled with most of my hobbies when it came to sourcing parts. (Airsoft was one of them and understanding gear ratios in the gearboxes took me a bit longer than it should have)

Anyway, I’m in the UK with quite a hilly area surrounding me. I’d probably want something that could pull me up a 20-25% gradient hill. (I’m 90KG) I wouldn’t be going very long distances, but I’d like to use it for lesure to cruise about and enjoy myself.

When it comes to parts, I’m a novice with longboards, but I have a friend that said he may be able to give me his older longboard as he has a new one. I’d probably keep the deck and replace the wheels and bushings.

I’m confident when it comes to building a motor mount and I have plenty of silicone wire, XT90’s and other electronic components that I’ve previously used for my airsoft builds and other hobbies.

I only see myself needing to buy a set of wheels, (83MM?) VESC, controller, bigger lipos, motor, pinion and gear and the belt.

I was wondering what are the pro’s and cons for chain driven systems.

And what motor, drive system and batteries would I have to look for to meat my requirments.

Chain drive is not as silent as belt drive and it needs more maintenence…but you will never have to change your belts :slight_smile:

15/36 5HTD 9-12mm dual 6354 on 10s should give you enough speed and hill climbing :slight_smile: if you dont want that high speed, you can go just with a single 6374 with higher gear ratio (

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Hey there- On the topic of Chain Drives, my senior friend made this sweet build(posted it on reddit esk8 forum there)-

If you have any questions on chain drive you might want to ask the guy who made it! I know him and he is like a good with chain…it also helps that we can manufacture a lot of our stuff in house.

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My first build used an SK3 6364 245kv motor from hobbyking, along with a VESC powered by a cheap 8S lipo (2x 4S lipos in series). It was a great start, and with a 15/40 ratio on 83mm wheels (I’d recommend 13/36 or 14/36 instead), it took me up some pretty steep hills, given I had a running start. The build cost less than $500 if I recall correctly, and was a rocket ship of a first build!

As for belt/chain drive, I must vouch for belt drive. Chain drive is much stronger, and will handle pretty much any amount of torque you throw at it. However, it requires you to oil it, and it’s easy for dust to get into them. Plus, it’s nice to have a belt that will skip at a certain torque, since it is guaranteed to be the weakest link in the “chain”, hehe. If you had a chain, your motors might be the weaker link, and would be much more expensive to replace!

Good luck with your first build! If you’re curious about my first build, feel free to check out the thread here:

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Hmm I guess I’ll stick with belt for the meantime.

Do you know where I could get a 15/36 pulley set? Ideally UK/EU 'cause I can’t seem to find anything.

Thanks bud, I never thought of the weakest link, I’d much rather a belt break than a motor die. I like your first build, I’ve not seen many pintails for eboards.

Thanks! It was a fun build, but it made me realize that the pintail is good for one purpose: long distance cruising. It handled dedicated bike lanes wonderfully, since they usually don’t have any obstacles such as parked cars. Navigating tighter situations was always an issue with it, which ultimately led me to switching to a shorter deck for the more urban environment I eSk8 in. If I move to a more suburban area, I’d probably make the switch back!

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@Idea,, or

Where are you living in? I study in bath and it is extremely hilly too Trying to build a hub motor build lol

I’m living over the river in Wales. I’m too afraid with a hub build as im 89 +/- 3kg and with my camera, edc its another 2-3kg so looking at 100kg to be safe, on top of the hills with potential gradients of 25% ish.

I’m still having difficulties putting a solid parts list together.

So far here is a breakdown:

  • Alien 6355 Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 190KV 2200W / Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • Alien Drive Systems 15T - HTD5 Hub pulley + 32T - HTD5 Hub drive pulley
  • Orangatang Kegel 80mm wheels with bearings
  • Dependant if I can find a cheap motor + truck mount, I’m sticking with a custom made one from blood, sweat and 6060 / T66 aluminium that I plan to braze onto the trucks.
  • Batteries, either 18650’s or lipos (I think lipos sound nicer due to cost, are 18650’s really that much better?)
  • I’m stuck with picking a affordable vesc. I’m not too sure about a few things, is it a vesc that would handle a regenerative breaking type feature, similar to what out of the box boards have? And silly question, but I assume breaking is possible on all vescs?

My friends longboard he said its a pintail but I’ve been thinking of a kicktail because I want something small and easier to maneuver. I’ve drawn out plans for the enclosure. and it seems good, it’s just finding the right board. Ideally something that came with orangatang’s, calibre trucks and a blank deck, just to cut down on parts sourcing. I mean I might reasuse the old trucks, but im not sure what they are, and for £30-40 it’s not too bad for a new set all togtether .

Anyway, I’ve got work to go to in 5 hours. Need sleep.

All input is greatly appriciated!

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I believe its dual 6355 right? dual 6355 should meet your need. dual 6374 on longer calibre trucks are way better if you don’t mind the extra cost. I am 65kg with a maximum load of 80 so dual hub is alright i think

I’ve planned on dual 6355’s but dual 6374’s are only a few quid more, so I guess I could take them over the 6355, I guess you can say, too much is always better than too little in this case.

So I guess i’d opt for the 10 inch calibres if I end up picking up new ones.

As I was looking for parts, I came across this Dual motor kit I mean I feel its pretty pricey, but It has everything that’s needed. I added up the cost of an alien power 6374 dual motors + VESC + drive kit alone is £600, so I mean for an extra £98 to have the trucks, wheels, mounts and the rest of the gubbins, it seems like a steal. Am I right here?

EDIT - I re-planned and searched around. These are my findings.

  • Drive kit 13 36t 12mm x2

  • Tourque VESC x2 £319.12 cart/

  • Motors 6355 190kv x2 £130

  • Calibre trucks x2 £55

  • Wheels either all terrain 100mm or Standard 80mm abec’s (all terrains look good for paths and unpaved areas, so I’m leaning towards them) £60 not sourced

  • 12s4p Battery / 18650 or Lipo undecided £??? not sourced

  • Wires, Bullet, XT90’s and other bits £free in my box o’ bits

  • Bamboo kicktail cruising board in local shop (32 - 38") I want it to be shorter than a traditional board, but need to accommodate my batteries and 100mm wheels £50

  • Remote + Reciver (Something similar/better and cheaper, please let me know) £45

Excluding battery, total £649.00

Am I forgetting anything else?

Nice to see a fellow UKer here :slight_smile:

Just a note to take into account shipping and V.A.T. (V.A.T. is charges include shipping too sometimes, not too sure for electrical goods) charges if you’re ordering from abroad (not the E.U.) - especially if it’s above £130 (customs start charging above this fee, and the delivery service will also charge you an additional fee if it stops at customs)

Looks like is based in Texas,US

I didn’t bother calculating shipping nor did I bother with regards to the VAT. I used to import for my ebay store a while ago, and the Custom fees from DHL along with the VAT made it so difficult to really make a profit. I would buy the drivekit and vesc from proto-boards, but he seems to be out of stock with most items. Would be cool if he could put some “bundles” together, like on diyelectricskateboard.

As far as I’m aware, alienpower is based in the UK, so the motors shouldn’t be a problem.