Planning my first build...any and all input welcomed (needed =)!

So this is all new to me, I do however seem to have some semblance and general knowledge about the parts, how they’re connected in the build. RN I just ordered a deck and some wheels from muirskate. This build’s gonna be ongoing through the summer because I’m broke and can’t buy all the parts at once. Anyway, logistically I’m still trying to figure out the motor pulley situation with the venom magnums. Saw OKP had a build with these but I haven’t heard anything after posting on that thread and messaging him about pulleys. I may have to find a way to design these pulleys myself over the summer, we’ll see. Any suggestions on how I should proceed with these wheels? 53%20PM


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I think I have seen that @moon might have a pulley option for you.
Nice deck choice I dig all Kicktail classic shaped decks. What battery are you going to use?

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Yeah I wanted a cruiser with a kicktail, it’s what I’m used to riding since I was a kid. I haven’t decided on the battery yet, but once I get my board I’ll start considering that. I’ve heard enclosures are a real pain if you haven’t planned it out right. I want to minimize the chances of this board exploding so I need to really read up and make sure I understand batteries and appropriate output for the motor and what not. Any suggestion on programs to use for mac that are like CalcRC for calculating all that stuff? CalcRC sadly for windows only =(

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You don’t really need to do any “calculations” They’ve all been done for you on this forum! You may have to make a custom enclosure for that deck unless someone has already done one.

Or buy one made out of abs and form it yourself, then wrap it in carbon fiber to make it strong. Check out @Sender’s work with carbon fiber, the man is a genius with it.

Do you know what motors you are getting? I would start there (instead of figuring out your battery).

Then pick out what VESC you are going with, you can set battery/amperage limits in your Vesc to make sure it pairs nicely with your motor. Stick with trusted vendors and you should be good.

Good luck on your build!

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Oh wait, you’re looking at an earth wing…

@bigben, weren’t you talking about making an enclosure for that deck?


Nice choices there. Going to be a tricky build but worth it in the end. @moon is going to love you for the wheel choice.

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Yassssss EW deck enclosure!


Those are two good calculators, you can make your own enclosure out of glasfiber and epoxy fairly easy. Also has many enclosure choices who might fit. Choose your battery according to your motor size, needed range, torque and topspeed you want to achieve.


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I’m thinking a 220kV motor? I’m 6’1", 190 lbs and don’t need to go more than 27 mph. Some uphill capability would be nice for my area. I’m totally noob so pardon my totally nOOb questions here, BUT… what about something like this:

Also what does the “5055” part of “5055 220 kv” mean? What’s that a measurement of? I know I need to consider max cuurent, max power, and max lipo. cell. The values for these are 30A, 1170W and 2-10 lipos, however I’m not certain what all these numbers mean and how they translate to my build. Sorry again for the nOOb questions.

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5055 or 5056 or 6355 or 6374 are the motors size (length&width)

If you’re going 12s its best to keep it under 200kv. 170kv is a nice sweet spot.

Great deck choice. I’ve got the 33 of that deck and the 37 is next on my list.

Heads up tho. The deck is kinda thin. Making it harder to install threaded inserts fot mounting the enclosure.

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Does this seem like a good choice if I’m going 12s4p?

they seem maybe a little large.

Saw the tag and was hoping speed vents :joy:

I know @skunk is going to love the deck choice lol

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Mine is a little large.


How many motors: 1 or 2?

Just to sum up all the information currently given in this thread:

  • Desired top speed: 27mph
  • Needs enough torque to go up some hills
  • Wheels are 78mm magnum’s, meaning it’s going to be a belt drive setup
  • deck has a kicktale, meaning the enclosure needs to be small
  • budget isn’t infinite, can’t go all out

For hills I would recommend a 63mm motor instead of a 50mm one. Because 27mph is quite fast, I assume you’ll be riding on the road with cars, so having dual motors for extra traction and safety would be good (I think Brian would disagree though so it’s debatable). I think it would be good to go for a drivechain solution that would allow you to upgrade to dual motors in the future if needed, but currently stick with a 1 motor setup just to keep the build costs low. Since you seem to be in north America, a TorqueBoards 6355 motor might be perfect, depending on the trucks / pulleys you can get.

Your range requirements + available enclosures will determine what kind of battery to get. (Lipo or Li-ion)


No one mention the trucks?

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I’m thinking I’ll go dual motors for the extra torque to help with uphill. My budget is around $700-$800. If it’s an extra $100 for 2 motors vs. 1 I feel like that’s worth it. Belt drive for sure. I’ll be on the roads with thing, which I already do with my wowgo mini, but the dual hubs are terrible in terms of shock absorption. Which is what inspired my build in the first place. Having good wheels in the back seems like it would be a total game changer. I figured I’ll just take whatever trucks work with whatever mounts I can get, I feel like I can’t be too choosey about the trucks. Calibers seem to have the most options available for a secure motor mounting. So for now I’m leaning toward those ToqueBoard 6355’s @rusins. Recommendations on trucks/pulleys for these motors?

me thinks 2?

A dual drive VS single will cost you 1 additional motor, 1 additional mount and pulley system, and 1 additional ESC unless you buy a dual drive ESC like the Focbox Unity from the get go. Usually it comes around to be an extra 300$ :confused:

Caliber 2 trucks might be fine for dual drive as long as you use 12mm wide belts and 8mm wide motor mounts. The hanger width is 184mm, meaning you have 92mm to fit each motor, mount, pulley system + wheel overhang. Kegel core wheels usually have a 12 - 15mm overhang so it fits with a 4mm space between the motors at worse, but I’m not sure about the dimensions of your wheels. You should ask someone, and also find out if 12mm pulleys are available.

If not, you’ll have to go for a truck with a wider hanger, like TB extended 218mm caliber 2 clones. Best mounts for cheap are Dhiko’s which you can find the ebay link somewhere on this forum. You can get motor pulleys from him too, or from TB. Wheel pulleys you need to get from someone on this forum who makes them.