Planning on building a very fast electric esk8

I am planning on building my first electric skateboard but I don’t know if all the parts will fit. It’s a dual motor with two 6s2p wired is series board. I weigh about 130lbs or 50kg. Or does anyone have other suggestions on for example another part.

Here is all the parts:

Motor 2x:190 kv 6374


Motor mount 2x:


Vesc 2x:


Battery 2x: 6s2p


Battery charger:


Battery bag:


Gear set 2x:


Power switch:


Battery precenteage indicator:






First of all:

  • Go for a 10S battery (buy 2x5S Lipo or buy or make a 10S li-ion pack)
  • Get a 10S bms and a 42V charger
  • Just use an antispark loopkey instead of the switch
  • I’m pretty sure that remote isn’t going to work with the receiver.

Motor, mount and pulleys are fine if you use their wheels and caliber style trucks.

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Don‘t buy that Vesc from HK! Rather get it from Flipsky. But I would recommend you to get a focbox unity. Vesc 4.12 have a low erpm limit, so when you really want to go fast, this could be a problem. When you get the Unity you also don‘t need a switch because it has an integrated one.

You wont fit two of these motors on one axle, the mount just fits in one direction, so no diagonal mounting possible. I would rather go for a quality mount here. Look in the forum, there are tons of mounts sold by forum members.

The remote will not work with any reciever. I can recommend the new Flipsky Remote.

6374 is oversized for a streetboard in my opinion. You wont get faster with this as with a 6355 as just the kv rating making the actual speed. They have just more power you wont be able to use at any point. So they are just heavier.

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small correction here. if you want 6s2p you need 4 of this packs and not only 2.

Ok, thanks for the answer. One question is this the remote that will work with the receiver?

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What is the difference between 12s or 10s?

Should I get two of these instead?

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Cheap hw 4.12 vescs don´t like 12sin combination with 190+kV motors.

Should I go for this Vesc?

Is this Vesc better?

I don´t know what the actual erpm limit is on this one. but if flipsky will include all the changings they promise than the 4.20 should be a good budget option. for now I wouldn´t use the 4.20 on 12s in general.

What about this one?

this one will for sure handel 12s and 190kV



I know everybody wants to help you but it is sometimes better to read more and ask questions when you don’t understand it. Here on the forum there are many topics to read. Everybody has to start somewhere, the thing I can suggest to start is: READING.

Check some build topics and come back later to your topic

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Thanks! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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No probs!

I can suggest reading this first:


Battery 12c? … That’s a very, very low discharge rate for a 2p lipo battery, c ratings can be massively inflated by manufacturers! I’d advise against, and suggest Zippy compact 40c I use them and they are pretty solid. Graphines are also top notch, both available from hobbyking.

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It’s like I’m looking at my own build. Except everything is times 2, I’m using the same motor but just one. There are 2 things that I really want to prepare you for, first:

-The motor and motor mount screw holes don’t line up. I had to 3d print some parts to make it fit. But you can also make something of metal to make it fit if you’re handy with that. The radius the screw holes are in is wider on the mount. I think the second mount in your later message would work better, don’t have any experiences with it though.

-The pulley middle hole is wider then the shaft of the motor is. I still haven’t found a better way to deal with this then to use the included clamp and just clamp the pulley on the motor, but sometimes the clamp will lose its grip on the motor and I think the bearings won’t last as long as they normally would.

I’m just trying to prepare you, I thought I’ve thought of it all but still found some problems, all fixable, but you should know them. Good luck! Keep us up to date on your progress!