[Planning/Ordering] The Fuusted Board

hey guy’s I’m really addicted to this hobby it’s sorta taken over gaming and I’m already moving onto my next build. I kinda feel like it’s full circle because I was introduced to esk8 with Boosted and now am building a DIY Boosted Board aka The Fuusted Board. I still have some choices for trucks I’m trying to iron out and was hoping you guys could weigh in on it thanks.

Deck: No DIY Boosted Board could be done without the Vanguard and for me, I’m going to be using the Flex 2 42" variant only because I’m receiving it in a trade otherwise would’ve gone for the Flex 3 38".

Trucks: As for trucks here is where it gets a bit complicated. I’m receiving the board as a complete with Paris Trucks, however, I don’t think that Paris Trucks are the best for esk8. I am also receiving Surfrodz TKP as well, so I wasn’t entirely sure which one I wanted to use Paris Trucks, Surfrodz or Calibers, as I want to be able to put the belt cover thingy Boosted has a haven’t seen it done on Surfrodz.

  • Paris Trucks
  • Surfrodz TKP
  • Caliber Trucks

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Motor Mount: For the motor mount it’d be completely depending on what truck I end up using.

Wheels: I’d be using the Kegel wheel as I’ll also be receiving that in the trade with the plan down the line to upgrade to the Caguama or Boa

Enclosure: I don’t think I would choose anything other than a @Eboosted enclosure as this guy is the only one I’ve seen so far that really turns me on :grinning:

Battery: I’ll be working with @psychotiller on a 10s4p 30q when I end up receiving the enclosure

ESC: Here I ran into a dilemma I want to either go dual FOCBOX again or dual ESCAPE only thing that is turning me off from ESCAPE is the price but it looks so nice <3

Motors: Can’t go wrong with dual maytech sensored 6355’s

Remote: I’ll be using my trusty steed GT2B ChoZen Remote from @MasterCho


It’s not a hobby for some folks, unless minivan driving is a hobby for a soccer mom.


Oh Peter. You and your soccer mom analogy. I actually have a fascination with mini vans :joy:


I tell myself its a hobby, though the number of hours I spend just reading and researching about it already takes a big chunk of my day so I think its evolved into a passion lol


I spend just about every second of the day on here lol maybe it’s just part of my life now


I was trying to put it lightly but okay fine I’m in the same boat and I haven’t even build my first board yet lol

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Psssh Chris made his first board like 2 months go and already on his third. Not a hobby. It’s an addiction. Drugs seems cheaper


lol And here I was thinking my first build would be my last because it would check all the boxes but now I’m thinking of how naive that was haha though my wallet is telling me to stop for my sake :laughing: definitely an addiction I think. send help

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You could get a pair of TB 218mm trucks and paint them a crazy cool color (neon green :open_mouth:) :slight_smile:

Surfrodz TKP = :grinning::rofl::sunglasses:

Caliber = :roll_eyes::hushed::tired_face::sob::nerd_face:


Surfrodz means $$$$ and you potentially getting his money for those awesome mounts.


He’s already been working in my sweatshop!


I’m gonna work in your sweatshop one of these days. Pay you to teach me how to make my own battery pack


yeah i’ve seen this before definitely. good analogies should be taken out and aired regularly.


…unless smoking rock is a hobby for crack heads :wink:

Dude, this isn’t even a question! Use the Surf Rodz! The TKPs are carvey as hell; it will be loads of fun on a boosted clone!


I wanna order surfrodz, I’m just waiting for them to get adjustable base plates for the RKP trucks back in stock.

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For what kind of build? I feel like the real glory in adjustable is being able to put them on things like a Lacroix or other mountainboard deck. If not using the extremes of the adjustability, it does not seem worth the price. On a standard board, their normal base plate angles are where you will probably land anyway… just a thought.

Also, have you talked to them? They prpducing more of the adjustable RKPs? I was a little concerned when they pulled them from the site a while ago.

Sorry to derail. Whoops.

USE THE TKPS @chris.hunt!!:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


@Sender Hummie deck for now. But I’m already thinking of second build before my first (diy) is done. I feel like investing into a solid pair of trucks that I could use on any board is worth it. I could always go back to my caliber trucks on the hummie deck if I found a board that was more Suited to the rkp trucks. I’ve emailed them twice with no reply. I’m tempted to get a pair of TKP for my shortboard/riptide rebuild tho.

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I already bought your ripba…but now i want your surfrodz! I should just have my paychecks go to you from now on.