Planning phase for 240lbs rider. Need advice on motor and gear ratio

Hello! I have been reading this thread for a few days and now I’m 80% confident in the specs of my build but I need some advice to choose the right motor and gear ratio. I am 240lbs but I’m in the process of losing weight so hopefully in a few months I will go down to about 200-210. I’m planning to order everything from @torqueboards and

Updated plan:

  • Single motor setup with torqueboards’ kit with 83mm wheels

  • 6355 170kv motor

  • VESC

  • 16T/36T gear ratio

  • 10s3p Li-ion battery pack

My calculations:

I would only need about 30-35kp/h speed. Does this setup have enough torque? I’m not planning to go on steep hills at all, mostly flat.

Single motor at your weight I’d go with a 6374 motor instead. If you want to only go 30-35km/h drop the gearing to 14/36 for increased torque. Make sure you’re using at least 12mm pulleys and belts.

Dexter is good man at torqueboards im a big bones guy mysefl at 200 lbs and recently finished my first build , i haven ridden a different board besides mine but im loving it its been very reliable so far i would say a turnigy sk3 6374 149kv would be a better choice considering the load (240 lbs) im running a single 149kv and this motoris a beast another thing you hae to consider is top speed you are trying to achieve, as with a higher kv motor u can reach higher speeds but less needed torque for our case, wich can be remedy with the righ gearing i did the calculations for my build when i was building it and i think the top speed was 21 or 22 mph wich at first i was like i want to go faster but believe me 20 mph on a longboard its hella fast and also when i was testing my board for the first time i got up to 20 mph really quick and ran out of balls i had a lot of throthle and momentum left i say judging on how much throtle and how quick this thing is close to 30 mph

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What gearing are you using @Pablo_702?

16/36 on 83mm @50.4 V


Well, then I just have to find a source which has the 149kv motor in stock :confused: I can’t find it anywhere but I agree with you, I don’t want to go faster than 20mph and more torque would be better for me. But when I do the calculation the rpm goes very low. It should be around 7-8000 at 3.6 volts, right? @Pablo_702

on the i dont remeber how to manually do the calculations its in the forum somewhere but yes i remember when i was doing my homework the the erpm were crazy low, have you thought about going 12s? it will be more powerfull and less heat, are u planning to use a vesc?

@Pablo_702 Here you guys go

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Top Speed 28.58 mph - 46 km/h

22.87 mph - 36.8 km/h


see thats what i got it says 22.87 weighted but im sure its more like the top speed of 28.58 mph maybe if @Michaelinvegas wants to test its final speed hes more than welcome to gps it for science of course

You can usually get pretty close to max speed as efficiency generally rises the faster you go.

Hm, as this will be my first build I don’t know what to expect with a 149kv motor at low rpm. Even with a 12s battery it works way below the recommended 8-9000 rpm. What effect does it have on the vesc, battery or the motor? and how important is it to reach the recommended rpm?

I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Plenty of people run the SK3 149kv at 12s. I think the recommendation is there for efficiency.

I’m going 14t … More than enough torque

And yes…its prob higher since the board isn’t at 70-80 efficiency all the time…

Be careful at those speeds bud…something abt eating shit at 20+ mph that just sucks lol

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u down to testing real top speed on mine?

Lol need a flat run

time and location

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Not sure if you figured everything out yet but my build might give you some insight:

One time I took it up hills at 270lbs (220lbs + 50 lbs in my backpack) and it handled it no problem.

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yeah I think I will go for the 170kv option in the end but I’m still doing some research.

Hi I am ± 200lbs and use the 6374 170KV motor on 8S. 15T x 44T gearing and 97mm wheels. Speed is fine for me and it goes up all the hills in my area without a problem. VESC did get to warm though on steep hills so now use a ESC very similar to TB 12S ESC. Actually prefer this board to my dual 6355 240KV 8S board with VESCs.

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Looks like I will able to source almost everything, the only part missing is a custom 10S3P - 18650 battery pack. Is there anyone in europe who would build it to fit this layout that I have planned here?: