[Planning Phase] The Prima | LBL Emperor Penguin Deck | DIYES Trucks | Dual Diag. Ollin 170kv | Enertion Mount | 10S Lipo w/BMS | Dual VESC

I figure after months of looking around that I should actually try and build a board. But before I put money down, I want to make sure that I’m making a good decision with the parts that I’ve chosen and that they’ll be able to do what I want them to do.

Since I’m a heavy rider (~120kg), I wanted to make an e-board that could actually hold up to my weight and have the range to get me places. I also had a budget in mind of $1000 - $1400 (dual motor boards are expensive), since boards that are done on the cheap end up back on the table and not in the street. With the parts I’ve picked out, the batteries will come out to 370 watt hours, leading to a theoretical range of 23 miles.


Deck: Longboard Larry Emperor Penguin - $185.00

  • Deck can be made custom to not bottom out under my weight and I love the shape of it.

Trucks * 2/Wheels/Pulleys * 2: From the DIYEs site. - $193.98

  • I’m buying it separate like this for a couple reasons; DIY is the only seller I’ve seen that possibly sells ready to use trucks in singles, making it so that I don’t have to buy two sets of trucks or modify them on my end and Enertion’s motor pulleys don’t use a set screw.

Motor Mount * 2: Enertion Motor Mount - $118.80

  • I’ve only heard good things about this motor mount.

Motor * 2: Ollin 5065 170kv - $168.00

  • I’ve only heard good things about these motors.

ESC * 2: Ollin VESC w/5.5 bullet connectors and XT-60 connectors - $340.00

  • Obvious choice.

Battery * 2: Floureon 5S 40C 10000mAh LiPo - $159.99

  • I’ve heard that these batteries are a mixed bag but they’re the only ones I’ve seen used here in some builds that have a high mAh for the range I want to get. I’ve also seen them used in flat packs.

Board Controller: FlySky GT2B - $27.10

  • These Tx/Rx seem to be the standard for this community. I plan on migrating the guts of it to a Baby Buffalo 3D printed enclosure because I prefer a thumb control rather to a trigger.

BMS: 10S 60a Battery Supports BMS - $38.00

Charger: Li-Ion 42V 2A Charger - $24.00

  • I was happy when I found out that I could bypass the BMS for discharging and use it only for charging the battery because it meant that I could still have a simple charging solution and not have to use a monster BMS like this.

Enclosure: Psychotiller 405 - $70.00

Total(in USD): $1324.87

If anyone has any ideas on better components that I could use or if I’m going overboard with this, please tell me.

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The ollin motor is not compatible with most mounts, idk about enertion’s but you will want to do some research about which mounts work.

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I thought Enertion’s mount was the only one it was compatible with.

Here ya go, might just be the perfect option:

The ollin motor seems to use a 30mm hole pattern. I know that DIY’s mount doesn’t, and the quick search I just did led only to custom mounts.

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Mine and Ollin’s motors will fit on Enertion mounts.


@michaeld33 Gotcha, thanks for the info

Hey guys - I just made a second order for mounts that fit the Ollin motors and will be selling the new batch in about a week and a half. I will have some next week but most of them are spoken for unless someone doesnt want theirs. Pm me if you are interested and I will put your name on the list. No obligation to buy just need to know how many more to order if needed.

You may want to get extension cables for the motors if you’re doing dual diagonal. These motors won’t fit most single trucks. @korryh seems to have a mount that will work for that though!

I’d recommend getting a solid 18650 cell pack instead of lipo myself. For BMS you can get a cheapo 10s one off ebay, bypass charging, and use a 60-80A fuse for it instead. I’m using a cheap $20 BMS, but I’ve seen a $12 one that would work too.

You’re going dual diagonal right? Dual rear wont work with ollin motors unless they are on opposite sides.

very similar needs to me, so gonna watch this one!

I am doing dual diagonal.