Please check if my build makes sense


I thought about going for 10s2p battery with these cells, bms(60A version) and charger:

What do you guys think, it’s right bms and charger for such setup?

Then I wonder if I should go for some 2500W 6355 190kv single motor or for two of 1150W 5045 200kv ones (or maybe 140kv?) with 2 VESCs. single: collections/featured-items/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv dual: or

And kinda want to go for second option but on this calculator: I got 18km vs 12km range in favour of single motor. But if I were to go with these dual motors above (less W in 2x5045) won’t I get better range with two small ones? Won’t I improve it even more if I were to go for smaller with 140kv and bigger gear on the motor?

Thank you for your help

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200kv is a bit high, but I would go for dual motor because of braking. Not neccessarily because of range or efficiency but two motor braking is so much better than 1 motor braking.

The board isn’t torquing to one side when you slam on the brakes and it isn’t wanting to skid the wheel.

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