Please check my BMS choice

Ok, this is my first foray into a BMS. Prior to this I had just used a smart charger and hoped VESC would shut down when it was supposed to. But I’ve been using LiFePo’s

The pack is a 10S5P of the LG HG2 18650’s. Is this the right BMS?


Is there a better alternative you’d recommend?



Yes that one is good :slight_smile: I use supower

you’ll need the programming cable as well

Thanks. Dumb question, but how do you actually buy it? I don’t see a buy method on their website. I did send an email to sales.

There’s also this one, which I can get on eBay right now but will take 28 days to arrive.

suPower 706551622448

doesn’t appear to be programmable, though.