Please Check My Wiring

After many hours of research this is what I’ve come up with. How does it look? esk8%20picture

Very complicated wiring diagram

Parts here.

Can you name the balance charge ports on the bms. Where is the first where is the last

It’s just two batteries in series wired to a BMS. With an antispark inline and a XLR charge input. It looks complicated but it’s as simple as I can make it.

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yea, i know mine always look shit when i draw them

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Lol i am making a YouTube video and I wanted it to look professional. Took me about 3 hours+

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What do you mean?

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@Andy87 is on point. Other than making sure your balance leads are going to the right place, its pretty sound.

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I mean make a wiring diagram like this

You need to know which is your first pack and your last pack and which of the balance wires is the first one

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Oh okay I got you. My first one is the one on top with the main positive wire. Would that be correct?

For me your diagram looks wrong as you cut the red (positive) balance lead from one pack.

One more question. You want to wire it up as charge only bms?

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I cant do this. I’m out

Edit: ok I lied


I wonder if it’s because my BMS is only a 10 pin?

Sorry I am still learning.

& I was going to go that route of having it charge only. Unless there is any easy way to setup discharge.

I followed this tutorial on wiring it up for two 5s. It seems to work correctly for this guy. I just wanted some more input. Thanks for responding so quickly guys!

Show me the balance leads from the lipos please. The white jst connector

It looks exactly like his in the video. Also they are exactly the same as drawn in my diagram, colors and all.

That’s all in good but I need to see the ones on your lipos. Different lipos use different colors. Were trying to make sure your balance leads are correct as per YOUR components. Not the videos.

I understand what you are saying, but I already verified the balance leads are exactly the same. If that doesn’t help I can upload a picture within 10 minutes.

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