Please delete, stupid mistake

Hey guys, I wonder if someone can help me. I am trying to set up a couple Vesc X’s. I have set a few regular vesc up with no problems, Vesc X will not work with my benchwheel remotes. I tried a couple of them… I have it set to PPM and all that. I put @ackmaniac firmware on there. Any ideas???

Can you post some picture, the PPM circuit on the VESC X is the same as a regular VESC.

Also, remember that the ground pin is the one beside the can connector.

The light on the receiver comes on, but when I turn on the remote, it gets dim and starts flickering.

have you try to setup it without the bluetooth connector ?

Also, are your other vesc program with @Ackmaniac firmware ?

I figured it out, I forgot to reboot when changing from no app, to ppm. WHoops, guess I shouldnt drink and set up vescs :stuck_out_tongue:

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