Please evaluate my Flexible 12S4P Diagram

I’m using Samsung 30q cells. Series connections will be with two 12 gauge wires each. I’m not sure where to wire in the nano x remote.


Your focboxes have ppm cables soldered in. Connect one to the nano receiver and use a canbus cable between the vescs or use a Y splitter to connect both ppm cables to your receiver. Either way once you are connected you will need to program both focboxes accordingly. Not a fan of fuses but other than that all sweet.

why do you not like fuses? Uncontrollable thermal runaway sounds better to you?

Do not do flex packs, its going to end up like this very fast. I wouldn’t put that near my house if I wouldn’t reassemble it fully each month, not worth it man If you are going to diy this, do not do it especially if its your first pack give it to someone who has built some before to do it for you.

No not really no but I’d rather burn up some replaceable parts than land on my face when a fuse blows. Which is easier to replace.

and you’re welcome by the way lol

wow sorry my friend thought you were the other guy :joy:

Just sounds like a poorly chosen fuse. That should never happen if you size it accordingly. Kinda stupid to ommit the main safety against a fire just because some guy somewhere kissed the street after he used a sissy fuse in his system.

Its an opinion, its my opinion, and I’m entitled to it because its mine. You on the other hand have yours and they are yours and you are entitled to them and let that be an end to it.

I suggest you buy a fire extinguisher with that opinion of yours :wink:

Cheers mate

Its all good my friend but joking and banter aside it is obviously better to fuse anything with high current but I don’t ever comment on something I haven’t experienced myself. Fuses pop sometimes they just do and when you’re bombing a hill and suddenly have no brakes I for one would rather burn the whole thing to ashes than have to change my undies. I wear expensive undies.

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Let’s say I’m going with a fuse. Since I’m using XT60 plugs then should I go with 60A fuses? Also, do I need the 2 where I have them or do I only need 1?

Really wish I hadn’t said anything now lol. First of all a fuse will not protect from fire… Most fires are caused by a battery short and originate there so the fuse will do absolutely nothing to stop that. What it will do however is protect the rest of your electronics from said short. There is a thread on here about fusing your cells individually

60amps is not big enough for a 12s 4p 30q battery either and here in lies the problem. Again there is a number of threads that cover this read and read some more to find enlightenment my friend and good luck

Put a fuse at each paralel pack A fuse there where you want to put it will only save your vescs, and if the battery goes up in flames it will burn them anyways

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