Please evaluate the kit single drive Turnigy G160 245kv, VESC, ZIPPY Flightmax 8Ah 6S

Hello I want to fold my first electric board, I’m not a specialist and I would like to know if I have chosen the drive system well because I want to start. I want to drive on one engine my weight is 74kg, power will be 6s (small building), base board is SANTAFE CITY CRUISER. I found such a set. Is it a good choice to start with?


Motor Turnigy G160 Brushless Outrunner 245kv (160 Glow)

VESC diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/

Battery ZIPPY Flightmax 8Ah 6S (2x8Ah 3S)

Remote Controller

Wheels 90x52 Best 78a. I have yet to find super soft in this dimension

Gear ratio 15/36

Trucks original from Santafe

assumptions max speed 35km/h distance 20-25km I depend on the minimum dimensions

Please help and evaluate the kit.

What’s your motor mount?

I do not have yet, I’m wondering about g160 240kv

Any reason why you’re going with a g160 instead of the more popular motors here (sk3, DIYes, ADS, etc)

The price to quality ratio is probably ok, power supply max 10s, I want to use 6s and it seems to me rational because it will give 1332w power

I wonder if 245kv is not too much?

I’ve read issues with running VESCs at 6s (too much current draw) on the forum, especially with voltage sag. You might be better off getting a car ESC, like the x-car beast.

245kv should be fine with a 6s build.

6s not for VESC, it’s sad information for me, i thought that spending more do not have to worry. But at 6s does not work at all? I can consider 8s. A lot of people have told me not to put the board on the esc just for vesc, that is the perfect solution for the electric skateboard.

I have some really good 90mm 78a wheels that have gotten great reviews here on the forum. $10 off is you subscribe to our mailing list.

How to send shipping to Poland?

Its between $20-$30 and is calculated at the end of the checkout process

Looks attractive. If I do not find cheaper in Europe then surely I will take advantage of the offer. Thank you very much.

No problem, I know the shipping is expensive!

I have a complete setup for real good price and if you don’t want the batteries, you can buy your own 8s zippys since the esc is rated for 150A 8s. You would have a crazy fast board.

I wonder if I do not change the engine on the Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 190KV 90 $ diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv/ because I order TORQUE ESC VESC then it would be one cost of shipping. The G160 with shipping costs around $ 90. How do you think which engine is better for single drive? G160 245kv or 6355 190KV

Power supply 8s

What is the quality of Electric Skateboard motors?

Hi, I just changed my ESC to a VESC, working on 6S with the trinigy sk3 245kv and for some reason it doesn’t work well, it disconnects when you start fast or going up hill, and the brake sometimes doesn’t really work. Any ideas?

What are your settings in the bldc tool?

Is that what you meant?

30 batteries, each 3.7, 6S, meaning 5 batteries each

Help Please…?