Please fix "chat" [ POLL ]

Would like to see chat room working properly again. I learned so much about this hobby from awesome people in the chat w/10+ days read time that can easily point a person to a helpful thread instead of making new one that has already been done just worded differently. This could save a person a lot of time (individual and moderators) and this site a lot of space/organization.

Yeah needs to be fixed please.

been trying to get them to fix it since they updated. no dice :frowning:

@GrecoMan found your dice in back of the site :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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  • FIX IT!
  • leave it (only scrubs pick this option)

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Good initiative, It would decrease the number of lost peoples threads for sure

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i was a big fan of the chat. it was super useful to ask quick questions rather than start a whole thread. also generally chat with others about what your working on.