Please help. 600w dual hub motor wires to meepo ESC

Hi, guys im really new at this. Just got my first board from meepo like 2 months a go and fell in love with esk8ing. And i wanted to build something with a kick tail and smaller. Ive decided to go with this deck.


And i have a meepo ESC laying around so i decided to just use that.


And ordered some 600w 90mm wheel dual hub motors from china since im guessing thats what meepo uses anyways. For the price tag they have.


And thinking of just getting meepo sanyo battery 10s 2p w case to finish. But the problem is how can i connect the motors to the ESC? What is the adapter/converter or work are needed to hook those up together? Please help. Thanks in advance.


Im building right now with these Motors… you can solder or buy new connectors to the ESC. But I would keep the Gold Connectors and change the connectors on the Motor side.

As for the Sensors…red is 5V, black is GND, Yellow W,Blue U White is V… But i believe you had Green instead of white… i must look again if no one can answer.

I guess they use these MR30 connectors:

For the sensors I guess it’s this type of connectors but I’m not sure:

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Ok, can you be more specific here for me? Which connectors do i need to get and do you have any video of doing the work? I’m sorry im very new at this. about 2 months old… Thanks in advance.

So all i need to do is cut the wires and reconnect them with those type of connectors?

You need 2x MR30 connector: The 3 motor wires are easy, Both connect them to match the same collors (yellow,green,blue)

And 2x JST 5pin connector: Then the sensors wires, you need to search for a datasheet for the color patern because mostly they use the same color combinations.

If anything meepo sells the adapters.

Would suggest making the adapters yourself, will be cheaper.

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im sorry what do you mean by sensor the wire? and i cut off the motor side connectors and rewire it to MR30 connector?

I recently got in to electric skateboard so i dont really know well about electricity. This might be the best way to go since I need to order the battery case anyways. So, this is almost simple as plug and play right? connect the bullet wires to bullet and connect the MR30 to the esc? What about the 5pin connector?

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I will make a video at the weekend… Stay tuned. :wink:

WILL BE STAYING TUNED!! lol Dont forget to post em here and help a brother out… haha

There you go… I hope it helps.

So, in my case i need to buy bullet to MR30 connector to connect to motors to the ESC right? But what about the hall sensors? They look like this.


So, this and this goes together right? With the right adapter?


And i have to find a 5 pin adapter for this to go to here?


Anyone know the data sheet or which ones which on this MEEPO ESC?

Normally the white Connectors were with the Hub Motors but they were so small perhaps you threw them away accidentally? Because that’s what i almost did.

If not there are JST adapters for sale either in Amazon or AliExpress

As for the 3 phase Connectors you need to solder or fit with a adapter. Connection of the colors are in the Video.

Thank you so much i will try to follow along and post em plz follow up thank you

by the way did you finish building your board with those 600w dual hubs? plz post pic or vid of how it rides

Hi im working on the Carbon Kevlar Fiber Tray which i had to make a Mold first , takes a lot of time to finish it. In 1-2 weeks i will post pictures…

The build is nearly finished but the Carbon is mehh… It was my first time, and gained experience but i will not throw away the part that I made. IMG_20190505_131955

I dont know if youre still following but i did a test ride for 10km and it feels great. Speed was about 25-30km/h with 10s im sure a lighter rider will reach 20mph+.

I did a lil test ride with mine too. The meepo esc and 10s 2p it was riding alright but making loud noise. I think because i didnt connect the hall sensors but i was getting wheel bites so im getting thicker riser and harder bushings