Please help: Bad FOC Hall Detection Result Received

Turnigy sk8 6374 149kv

Trying to get hall tables. I click the measure button and it moves back and forth a bit. then I get this error message:

Bad FOC Hall Detection Result Received

I’ve seen some people having this issue but I don’t know how they’ve fixed it.

I’ve tried:

Upping the current a bit.

Taking the belt off.

Switching the motor phase wires around.

I opened up the motor and checked:

The sensor wire has continuity.

The hall sensor solder points are properly connected to the sensor wire.

The hall sensors don’t seem damaged (can’t really tell).

In terms of the vesc:

The wiring does match up.

2 Hall sensors give 3.2v and one gives 0v. Ground and 5v are good.

I have tried BLDC mode as well as FOC.

I have not tried:

Flashing new firmware, I’m on 3.40.

I’m really at a loss.

On which values are you doing detection? Up de current more is my initial thought.

Are you using an phone app or the desktop app?

I would always do it on the desktop app. I got 3.40 too and it works but I think I upped current to 10.

I have a 6374 and I’ve tried about 12 different currents from 1 to 60A. Thanks for the recommendation though I’m trying anything I can.

Have you tried running sensorsless? Chances are there is nothing wrong with the motor; you might have a faulty vesc…

Check to see that the connector isn’t damaged. Maybe the pin inside doesn’t make good contact when inserted. Do you have another vesc to test the same motor with?

Or a other motor to check with the vesc where it’s not working. Do you have sensor wire extensions? Maybe one of pins don’t have a right contact.

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I’ll check that. Thanks

I can run it sensorsless

Something is wrong with the sensors or wiring to the sensors then.

If you rotate the rotor, do the two which are logic high change, or are they always the same two?

What vesc are you using…

Maybe a bad hall sensor board if you have another vesc you can test it on another and then you could contact hobby king

Try this out. I was having the same issues with a maytech, they sent me this video. Make sure to set up bldc through the motor set up wizard first then go to the screen they show and follow along. I haven’t tried this yet but I will be tomorrow.

Edit: forgot to post the link, lol

I’ll take a look. Thanks.

No other vesc unfortunately. I don’t mind buying my own hall sensors and soldering them myself tbh.

Actually I’m talking about the voltage on the pins of the vesc. two were high and one was 0 but now all three are high (3.2v). I’m not sure if the vesc is meant to be configured like this. I’ll investigate if they change when i rotate the rotor.

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The connector is not the problem unfortunately. Just checked that.

Focboxes are cheap btw :wink:

I have a focbox. Unfortunately I bought them a few days before they went on sale.

I would contact hobbyking about this issue may be a bad sensor board.